How Long Do I Need To Avoid Being In Direct Sunlight After My Facelift In Toronto?

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Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre is located in a world-class city with a vibrant summer social scene. Whether you like to hit the beach, (we have many) or relax on a sunny patio, (plenty) the average city-dweller spends significant time exposed to UV rays through the warmest months.

Toronto facelift patients have some special considerations when planning for a safe and healthy recovery because the amount of sun exposure you get will affect your results. Here is a guide to help you take extra care and caution after your facial rejuvenation.

How Long Do I Need To Avoid Being In Direct Sunlight After My Facelift In Toronto

Following any facial cosmetic surgery, people are often eager to get out and show off their new look. It’s essential to understand that recovery is a process and though the most uncomfortable post-op inflammation typically lasts 3-5 days, there will be a longer, delicate recovery time and healing considerations. You won’t be ready to sit out in the sun right away, but you can socialize with a little extra precaution.

After A facelift In Toronto – The Timeline

After facial surgery designed to smooth, lift and recontour the face, you can expect to see swelling and bruising peak around day 3-5. The face is exceptionally vascular so bruising, and swelling can look far more dramatic than they feel. Often, patients of Dr. Solomon report that they feel little pain, but their face will appear puffy and bruised for 1-2 weeks minimum.

You’ll likely have to wear a soft, compression garment for the first week and you’ll have some sutures in incisions that will be removed at your first follow up appointment. Throughout the first week, many people stay close to home and walk only short distances, keeping themselves busy with light activity, carefully washing and elevating the head and shoulders.

Analgesic medication helps reduce discomfort and pleasant distractions like books, and TV help pass the time. During the first week, you are not permitted to perform a strenuous activity or expose your facial skin to direct sunlight.

The second and third-week after Toronto facelift procedures, patients see a dramatic reduction in swelling, and bruising completely resolves. Congratulations- at this point, you’ll start to see impressive and exciting results slowly revealing themselves. Depending on the degree of work you’ve undergone, you may feel recovered enough to go out, enjoy the weather and get active. However, you’ll need to proceed with caution when it comes to strenuous activity and sunlight.

Fresh incisions and resulting scars can produce dark pigment in response to sun exposure. Tanning your inflamed skin can likewise lead to hyperpigmentation, rashes and patchy darkening.

While this doesn’t mean you have to hide out inside, you may need to develop a more strict sun protection protocol than you have in the past. Use physical protection from exposure such as broad-brimmed hats, umbrellas and shades. Apply a high-quality sunblock to completely prevent your sensitive skin from tanning. While you’re out in the heat, drink plenty of water and avoid working up a sweat as increased blood pressure can be counter-productive for swelling resolution.

In the long run, you’ll be able to enjoy bright Summer light more and more, but you should continue to protect any visible scars throughout the first year as they can darken while maturing and the resulting pigment is very difficult to reverse.

We welcome you to contact Dr. Phillip Solomon for detailed, tailored advice. If you’re considering a facelift, we’ll be happy to book your personal consultation and walk you through the next steps of this exciting journey.

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