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Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: FaceliftFacelift in Toronto 5 Tips

Many people who have had facelift surgery in Toronto see a resurgence in their confidence. Would you like to join them? Whether you’ve been researching your options for some time, or you’ve just begun to consider the surgical approach, this can be an exciting time but also one full of questions. We’ve compiled a list of 5 essential considerations for anyone interested in a facelift.

1. What Do You Hope To Get Out of The Procedure?

Many different types of people seek a change in appearance through cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, expectations can be unrealistic and set a person up for disappointment. Ideally, a Toronto facelift candidate is happy with themselves in general, mentally and emotionally stable and they want to improve their facial appearance with a lifted, youthful and refreshed look. It’s not ideal for people to expect a total life change, a cure for depression or to look like a completely different person. A facelift can take years off one’s appearance- an average of ten years- however, it cannot stop aging,and a healthy goal for the procedure will be to age gracefully, looking your absolute best.

2.Consider Your Age

Plenty of people in their 60’s and 70’s have facelifts in Toronto. As long as you’re in good health, there isn’t really an age limit, though aged skin tends to lack elasticity and factors that help it heal quickly. Conversely, younger patients are more likely to be told they aren’t a good candidate when they present with minimal wrinkles or sagging. People in their 30’s, for instance, are not usually good facelift candidates yet as there are many non-surgical treatments that smooth and rejuvenate the skin without unnecessary risks of an invasive procedure. Each case is considered independently. However reputable facial cosmetic surgeons won’t recommend surgery for someone who doesn’t need it and will see little change.

3. Consider Post-Operative Supports You Have In Place

Some people don’t consider the physical and emotional toll that recovering from a procedure can take. Though many patients report only minimal pain and discomfort, they are required to take some time off work and away from some daily activities. When appearing slightly bruised and swollen, hanging around the house and missing out on exercise or favorite activities, some people become emotionally overwhelmed, lonely or depressed. To stave off boredom and make your recovery as positive as possible, plan a mini staycation with favorite books, movies and light projects to complete at home. Visit with friends and add some low-key socializing to break up your days. If you need help running errands or taking care of children and pets, arranging it ahead of time will reduce worry.

4. Consider Risks

While choosing a certified, highly trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon in Toronto, will ensure that all safety precautions are taken, no surgery is without inherent risks. There is a low risk that you may experience visible scarring, asymmetry, or less than ideal results. Issues such as infection are mitigated through strict intraoperative protocols,but it’s up to you to follow instructions carefully post op. Surgery is a more serious undertaking than less invasive, injectables and skin treatments and the results are permanent. You must feel confident that you understand the risks and accept them when you choose cosmetic surgery. Ask your surgeon to explain anything that is unclear or concerning to you.

5. Consider The Value of Your Investment

Not known for being inexpensive, facelift procedures are a considerable expenditure on appearance, but the results are significant as well. When considering the daily frustration of seeing someone older than they feel in the mirror,corrections could bring a daily confidence boost and change how you face each day, literally and figuratively.

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