Essential Tips To Follow For A Speedy Recovery After Your Facelift in Toronto

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Planning for a facelift in Toronto can be a dream come true! The anticipation is exciting but also brings anxiety for some patents as they worry about what their recovery will entail.

Unfortunately, we can’t skip the natural inflammatory and healing process, but there are a few ways you can ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. The following guidelines might help you prepare for the post-op phase by knowing what to expect and how to make it easier.

Essential Tips To Follow For A Speedy Recovery After Your Facelift in Toronto

Are All Facelift Recoveries The Same?

It’s essential to understand that each person’s experience will be different and the procedure itself will vary between patients. The various levels of invasiveness used to achieve different effects mean differing post-op experiences. Still, the timelines for swelling and restrictions in place after will be very similar for each facelift patient.

72 Hours After Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Depending on the technique used, you’ll be gently awakened after your facelift with a soft bandage wrapped around your head and may have a temporary drain in place. Most patients experience only minimal pain at this point because long-acting anaesthetic in the facial tissue prevents them from feeling everything. You’ll be provided with pain medication to take as needed when the initial numbness wears off.

Bruising and swelling usually peaks on day two, so at that point, you may feel pressure and find that you look different. Rest assured, facial swelling and bruising often appears far more troubling than it is, and you’ll likely feel better than you look for a short time.

You’re encouraged to rest with your head and shoulders elevated, and you may walk around slowly, but avoid any strenuous activity. You’ll have a followup appointment scheduled within this early timeframe to cleanse incisions, remove drains and answer any questions you have.

1-2 Weeks Post-Procedure

You’ll likely have a compression garment to wear around your face for these two weeks. Swelling will be steadily decreasing, and most people don’t require pain medication after the first week. You may note sensations of tingling, itching or numbness around the ears and neck which is expected and a regular part of healing. Any stitches you need removed will be taken out during this time.

3-4 Weeks After Your Toronto Facelift

Your facial tissue will still feel tight and a bit puffy, but you’ll note a dramatic decrease in swelling and bruising by this point and begin to see results emerge. By 4 weeks, many patients are quite comfortable appearing publically, as makeup can be worn to hide any residual bruising or incision redness. Aside from slight inflammation that only you and your doctor will notice, surgery won’t be apparent to others. Most patients are cleared to start some aerobic workouts and fly at this point.

Week 6, Through To 6 Months

This can be the most frustrating phase for some people because the initial, dramatic changes have ceased, and the last elements of healing will take a longer time. You’ll be cleared for all activity and have no more restrictions except to protect your incisions from the sun which remains critical for the first year. You’ll look fabulous and be nearly 100% healed but swelling and skin sensation changes can persist for up to 1 year. 

Here’s what you can do to make a Toronto facelift recovery smooth and speedy:

  • Keep all your appointments and follow instructions
  • Wear your compression garments as directed
  • Plan ahead with pre-prepared meals and help at home
  • Sleep with head and shoulders elevated to reduce swelling
  • Use homeopathic arnica and bruise cream if your surgeon advises it
  • Take ample time off work, so you don’t feel rushed to get back
  • Get lots of rest and drink plenty of water to clear your system faster
  • Avoid exercise before you’re officially cleared
  • Protect your scars with sunblock and silicone scar gel
  • Tell your surgeon if you have any concerns or questions

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