What You Do In the Years After Your Facelift In Toronto Can Affect Your Results

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Most people interested in preserving their youthful skin vitality take extra care to eat well, protect their skin and nourish it. However, if they haven’t before, after undergoing a facelift procedure, they may suddenly have the motivation they needed to pay a little more attention to skin health.

It’s not possible to stop time or the aging process, but after investing in a Toronto facelift, there are ways you can ensure your results last and preserve your benefits longer. We’ve gathered a list of ‘need-to-know’ tips for you to practice in order to get the most from your treatment.

What You Do In the Years After Your Facelift In Toronto Can Affect Your Results

Be Sure To Select A Royal College Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

The first tip is a bit of a cheat because it happens BEFORE your procedure, but this is vital, so we couldn’t leave it out. One of the most important decisions you will make that ensures lasting, beautiful results is choosing a well qualified, experienced facial cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Phillip Solomon is double board certified and specializes in the face. He performs advanced facelift techniques that are designed to adjust multiple tissue layers and never leave a person looking “pulled” or unnatural. The way the SMAS layer is corrected underneath the overlying skin means results that last for decades and clients who continue to age naturally.

Protect Your Face From The Sun-Forever

Your Toronto facelift surgeon will advise you to avoid sun exposure for a time directly after the procedure because inflamed skin and fresh incisions can darken or discolour when exposed to UV light. The precaution shouldn’t end there, however.

These every day harmful rays can accelerate damage and breakdown of skin, leading to wrinkles, spots and sagging. Wear a strong, natural sunblock each day and cover up with clothes and hats when possible. If your skin looks best with a little bronzing, utilize the many safe, healthy natural glow products in the makeup aisle or splurge on a spray tan.

Feed Your Face, From The Inside

You’ve heard the adage; you are what you eat. Our skin is our biggest elimination organ. It shows the signs of junk food and dehydration from our diet. Be sure to reach for the brightly coloured and dark green veggies and fruits in the market because their abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants feed healthy skin and circulation. You will feel better, and your face will show it.

Try cutting out excessive dairy and most sugar. Sugar molecules cause glycation which damages proteins, lipids and other essential factors for optimal skin health.

Invest In Some Quality Products

Your facial plastic surgeon’s office can help you learn about beneficial products for you and suggest a few to try. High-end medical grade skin care should have potent levels of anti-aging factors, while forgoing toxic and harmful filler ingredients.

Retinoids, serums containing peptides and concentrated moisture, or antioxidants will help keep skin supple and healthy, less prone to damage and bright.

Treat Yourself To A Facial

Your Toronto facelift surgeon’s office likely offers non-surgical skin care treatments as well. At Solomon Facial Plastic, we’re pleased to provide facial treatments that compliment a cosmetic surgery because we know our clients want to ensure ongoing maintenance of healthy, vibrant skin. It can become more challenging to maintain elasticity, nourishment and hydration of the skin as you age. We all need a little help, and you deserve it, so go on and book a facial.

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