How To Reduce Swelling After your Facelift in Toronto

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How To Reduce Swelling After your Facelift in Toronto

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Is swelling the most significant concern after a facelift? For Toronto patients, this is often the case. It’s not described as a very painful procedure, but inflammation is often frustrating in the first few weeks. Tightness and pressure in the facial tissues are primarily relieved with rest, medication and time. We’ve gathered tips to help you reduce swelling faster and make your recovery phase as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Post-Operative Instructions Are Valuable

You may be tempted to ignore or pass over some instructions if they seem less than essential. For instance, getting in a few cardio workouts because you feel pretty good, drinking something you were advised not to, or smoking just a little. These seemingly minor choices can prolong your swelling and discomfort, lead to unwanted bruising and compromise your results.

It’s especially important to wear compression garments as you’re advised no matter how much you’d rather not, or how unhelpful you may think they are. The gentle compression is subtle but powerful as it conforms tissue, reduces space for fluids to pool and pushes swelling out of your facial tissue faster. If you need clarification about specific instructions, your surgeon will be happy to explain their importance.

Use Cold Compresses As Directed

It’s tempting to apply ice to soothe inflammation. When it comes to Toronto facelift recovery, you’ll have better results when you follow your surgeon’s advice, opting for cool compresses, not icepacks. The reason for this is temperatures that are too low can impair healthy circulation, and you may not feel cold damage due to nerve changes.

If the weather is hot, you’ll want to ensure you have a cool space to recover with air conditioning for added comfort.

Keep Your Head & Shoulders Up

You’ll be asked to avoid bending over because it pulls significant pressure into the head and face. Likewise, laying down flat can also increase your swelling unnecessarily.

Propping up the head alone can put an uncomfortable crick in your neck, so you may want to gather a number of firm pillows ahead of time, raise up the entire head of the bed and keep your shoulders supported too.

Feel Free To Rest

This one is tricky for many busy people who feel guilty or restless during time off. You may be bothered by a messy home or work to do, but we strongly encourage you to enjoy your recovery-vacation, rest throughout the day and don’t feel bad about it. Surgery can be tiring, and anaesthetic or other medications slow you down. Rest empowers our bodies to heal. It’s temporary, and you’ll be back up and running before you know it, but failure to rest could prolong your fatigue and swelling.

Dr. Phillip Solomon is a double board certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon-Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon Practicing Facial Plastic Surgery.

The results of his facelifts in Toronto are renowned, and he would be pleased to meet with you when you’re ready to discuss your own rejuvenation. A facelift can remove years from your apparent age, help you look rested and healthy. You can match the outside to how young and vibrant you feel on the inside, finally. We can help.

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