4 Rules For Taking Care Of Your Skin After Your Facelift In Toronto

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4 Rules For Taking Care Of Your Skin After Your Facelift In Toronto

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If you’ve taken the exciting step of planning your own facelift in Toronto, or you’ve recently undergone the procedure, and are now wondering how to best achieve ongoing, beautiful results, we can help. Dr. Phillip Solomon is a highly sought-after facial cosmetic surgeon. His renowned cosmetic surgery practice, Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre sees hundreds of patients for facial rejuvenation treatments each year.

He is an expert in delivering unparalleled results and valuable advice to ensure the best, possible outcome. Here’s a curated list of actions to take which we hope will make your recovery optimal. It’s always best to check with your facial surgeon as this guide doesn’t substitute their personalized instructions.

Minimize Swelling & Reduce Bruising After A Facelift In Toronto

During the first 3-5 days after your procedure, you can expect to see bruising and facial puffiness. Because this is a sensitive and highly vascular area of the body, the inflammation or discolouration often looks more concerning than it feels. To help speed up recovery and reduce the swelling, your surgeon may recommend a homeopathic product derived from Arnica, cold compresses, and elevation of the head and shoulders.

Be sure not to bend over entirely, lift heavy objects or increase your blood pressure. It’s often challenging for people to stay away from an active life if they enjoy jogging or going to the gym, but you’ll want to refrain from getting your blood pumping because it prolongs swelling and can put you at risk of bleeding. Your surgeon will give you the all-clear when it’s safe to increase activity again.

Cleanse Regularly But Carefully

Even though your facial skin will feel a bit inflamed, you’ll still want to keep your complexion clean and bright with gentle washing. When your surgeon permits you to go ahead, it’s often easiest to start with cotton pads soaked with mild astringent. Don’t press or scrub vigorously. Avoid putting on makeup and products that are hard to clean off as well.

Moisturize Inside & Out After A Toronto Facelift

You’ll want to use a non-comedogenic, perfume-free, gentle moisturizer applied to a clean surface.

Drink lots of water too. You may think it’s counter-intuitive to drink more water when you’re swollen, but it will keep your fluids balanced, hydrate tissues and offers many other benefits. Skin that is well-moisturized is better able to protect itself, heal and maintain elasticity. If you’re going outside, be sure to cover up well under the sun and protect your skin with sunblock as UV exposure on inflamed or broken skin can lead to problematic skin darkening and it will dehydrate you.

Select Makeup Carefully

It’s understandable that people are often eager to hide their residual bruising under makeup. As you see swelling resolve, you’ll likely be looking forward to socializing, but when is it safe to put products on your skin? The key concern for post-facelift makeup would be the chance of it entering unhealed incisions, and the difficulty of washing it off.

Once your incisions are totally closed, usually around 2 weeks after surgery, you’ll be able to apply makeup over the area safely. If you had any ablative facial procedures at the same time as your procedure, we recommend you heed your surgeon’s advice about when that skin is sufficiently healed.

Skin that is not broken or irritated will usually respond well to mineral based, light coverage makeup. Choosing foundation and concealer tones based in orange or yellow can help disguise blue-ish bruising, while green concealers mask redness. You’ll find densely pigmented makeup products designed specifically for covering up discolouration issues on the face and body.

In the long run, be sure to protect your scars with a quality sunblock to keep them light and inconspicuous. If you have questions or would like to talk about the next steps for planning your own facial cosmetic procedure, we’d love to talk to you.

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