Toronto Facelift: Is It A Good Idea To Restore Cheek Volume Along With A Lift?

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Targeting the mid face area is becoming increasingly popular for Toronto facelift patients. A younger demographic is now opting to undergo less invasive, mini or mid-facelift procedures decades before they used to. Now a patient in their 40’s or even late 30’s may choose this subtle adjustment to the middle and lower face because they’ve seen rapid deterioration of their skin elasticity, fat pad loss and deepening nasolabial folds, ( laugh lines.)

You may have an idea about how the procedure is done, but did you know restoring fat to the mid face can be an essential element? Read on to learn how fat plays a vital role in youthful facial appearance.

Toronto Facelift- Is It A Good Idea To Restore Cheek Volume Along With A Lift

How Is Your Cheek Volume?

The news that this can be a normal part of aging is often both validating, and depressing for those who’ve noticed their cheeks flattening. Our facial tissue naturally begins to produce less hydrating factors, collagen and elastin as we age.

The muscles and supportive structures underneath the subcutaneous layer will stretch and sag, no longer holding up fat pads in place around the eyes and in the cheeks. The fat which cushions and softens hard, bony angles may dissipate and leave you looking gaunt. As well, anyone who works hard to get in shape and lose a few pounds in midlife may see sudden hollows they never had before.

A facelift in Toronto aims to lift and tighten the facial skin along with underlying structures, but rarely is this done without restoration of cheek volume too. Most people lose significant padding, and bone from the face due to age alone, or a lifetime of poor nutrition. Luckily, there are a variety of methods to restore healthy and youthful cheek volume.

Methods For Cheek Restoration

There are both permanent and temporary ways to refill the cheeks. You may opt for a trial run with one of our natural, HA dermal fillers to subtly plump and restore cheeks without surgery.

Many clients try cheek filler to see instant results and enjoy them for 9-19 months before choosing a more permanent option. Benefits to injectable rejuvenation include no scalpel or downtime. Of course, there are limits to what can be achieved, and fillers cannot solve the problem of sagging facial skin.

Fat grafting- injecting a person’s own purified fat stem cells into the cheek area can create incredible long-term improvements, and this may be carried out during a Toronto facelift surgery, or as a stand-alone procedure. Existing fat tissue can also be shifted during the operation; moved slightly to make it more prominent.

Cheek implants are also utilized for permanent mid face volumizing. These are typically made from silicone. While popular with many facial cosmetic surgeons, they are not considered to be as safe or natural as autologous procedures utilizing fat taken from the patient’s body.

Would You Like To Get Your Younger Cheeks Back?

Ideal midface volume and softened laugh lines immediately restore years to a person’s facial appearance. Rebuilding the apples of the cheeks, and rebalancing cheekbones can dramatically transform a person’s apparent age, especially in conjunction with a mid facelift.

If you’re interested in learning more about your options for facial rejuvenation, we welcome you to contact Dr. Phillip Solomon. He is an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon with advanced and innovative techniques. Each of his surgical procedures is entirely personalized for the client so that results are always natural-looking and offer long-term benefits. We look forward to hearing from you.

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