A Facelift In Toronto Is The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

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In North America, cosmetic surgery procedures have been gaining acceptance and popularity quickly, but for some, it may still come as a surprise that ‘gifting’ procedures more complex than just a facial is becoming more the norm. Plastic surgeons report that they see a spike in surgical procedure bookings between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and online sales of gift certificates to medical spas and cosmetic practices are up. We’ll explain why a facelift in Toronto might be the ideal gift this holiday season for you or someone you love.

Excellent Timing For Facelift Recovery In Toronto

Winter here is pretty cold. For those who stay local and stick it out through the icy, dark months, planning a cosmetic procedure that requires you to cover up for a week or two can be quite convenient. When people often bundle up at home and spend evenings warm, indoors and less active, this type of surgery can be easier to keep discrete.

You’ll be advised to avoid strenuous activity and direct sun exposure for a time post-procedure. These restrictions can make summer surgeries tricky to hide and also lead to a feeling of missing out on seasonal, sunny activities. When the days are short and the temperature drops, staying inside isn’t as much of a sacrifice for many people.

Aside from holiday parties, much of the winter break can be spent incognito- getting ready to reveal your totally rejuvenated look a few months later. This makes it an ideal time to plan your own cosmetic surgery or make holiday wishes come true for a friend.

Logistics Of Gifting

As you may have guessed, a facelift or any cosmetic procedure is much more involved than a new coat, electronics or even a car. Giving surgery can’t be done as a surprise and shouldn’t be done for everyone. The parameters are relatively narrow to make this present a hit with the recipient. Here’s a checklist to review before you consider giving the gift of a refreshed appearance to someone you care about.

Do you know this person actually wants to get the procedure done, because they’ve talked about it with you in detail?

If not, do not proceed. This is an elective procedure and a very personal one. A patient should choose and plan it independently of anyone else’s influence. If they’ve already taken the first steps, then it may be safe to discuss with them.

This Should Go Without Saying, But Do You Know This Person Intimately?

While you may feel someone could benefit from the procedure, not everyone will embrace the idea, and some might be offended to hear it, no matter how well intentioned you are. Typically, those who give well-received cosmetic gifts are intimate partners or best friends who have discussed the procedure extensively.

That Brings Us To The Second Question – Are You Planning A Surprise?

Sorry, but surprise surgery isn’t a realistic or good idea. You can cover the costs, but you’ll need to be able to talk about the details openly, so you ensure the recipient of your gift is getting what they really want.

Can The Timing Be Flexible?

It should be. While the winter holidays make an excellent surgery and recovery time for many people thanks to vacations, surgery dates sometimes need to move and choosing the most qualified facial cosmetic surgeon should trump the specifics of scheduling. If you offer to pay for someone’s procedure, they should be able to use that gift when the timing best suits them.

The holidays make an excellent time for Toronto facelift and recovery. As a gift to yourself, relaxing at home sipping hot chocolate and watching movies could be just what you need to recharge and put a new face forward in 2019.

You’ve spent all year thinking of what to give others, why not give yourself the gift of a refreshed, younger appearance and a restorative holiday break? Whether covering the cost for a loved one or planning for yourself, we welcome you to call Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre and schedule your consultation with Dr. Phillip Solomon today.

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