Will A Toronto Facelift Improve Your Complexion?

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Will A Toronto Facelift Improve Your Complexion

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: Facelift

People undergo facelifts in Toronto because they wish to smooth out wrinkles, reduce excess skin, or otherwise counter the effects of aging that has begun to appear. There’s a great deal of information available about facelifts, though some of it—like the question of complexion– is less straightforward than others. Complexion encompasses the tone, texture, and general appearance of a person’s skin, so asking if a facelift improves complexion is actually asking multiple questions at once. Fortunately, these are questions that can be answered.

Does A Facelift Affect Skin Colour?

Yes, but not directly. There will always be some discoloration from a facelift due to temporary swelling around the incision that tends to peak over the first three or four days following your facelift before fading. It is also possible for the skin to darken if exposed to sunlight during the recovery period, as the area will be sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation. With proper care and prudence however, this will not be an issue.

Does A Facelift Affect Skin Tone?

No. Skin tone is the inherent colouration of your body and is largely fixed by genetics and the distribution of melanin. If someone has a fair, dark, or olive skin tone before their facelift, then they will continue to do so afterwards. On the downside, this means that patients will not be able to use a facelift to relieve sunspots, uneven tone, or similar discrepancies. Our clients often choose to undergo skin treatments, which address these issues and compliment their rejuvenated look.

Does A Facelift Improve Skin Texture?

Yes. Wrinkles, acne scars, elasticity (or lack thereof) and loose skin all affect the face’s visual and physical texture. A Toronto facelift can address all of these concerns by tightening the skin to smooth out wrinkles, remove excess skin to do away with sags, and can re-tone the underlying muscles to restore the elasticity lost to time and gravity.

Other Options For Improving Complexion

A facelift focuses on repositioning the face’s muscle, fat, and skin, and can remove or reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging and neck waddles. It is not, however, the best procedure for enhancing skin quality or addressing skin pigmentation. Fortunately, most surgeons who offer facelifts in Toronto are also skilled in other cosmetic techniques such as laser resurfacing and acne scar treatments, that can target those concerns more directly. Some of these procedures can even be done alongside a facelift, allowing you to double-up on your cosmetic enhancements.

Visualize Results

Cosmetic procedures are a way to improve a person’s appearance and correct aspects of their face that they are dissatisfied with, not a path to perfection. Having healthy and realistic expectations is the first step towards a successful and satisfying outcome. It can be difficult to have a concrete idea of the kind of results you’re likely to see, especially if you have never undergone a cosmetic procedure before. Dr. Phillip Solomon takes his time to listen and discuss all the expectations and options for each of his surgical patients.

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