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How can you tell when it’s the right time to consider a facelift? Toronto is home to many plastic and cosmetic facial surgeons, performing hundreds and thousands of facelift procedures each year. Most people have a number of important questions to ask before they proceed with scheduling a consultation and planning their Toronto facelift surgery.

When it comes to this specific procedure, the number one question tends to be, “Am I the right age for a face lift?”

The truth is that your facial anatomy, genetics and lifestyle can greatly influence how your face ages, perhaps more so than your actual age.

Most of us know that sun exposure and sun damage can have a visible, negative effect on the skin. As well, lighter skin types tend to have thinner skin and can show damage more easily. Sun damage and other environmental factors can increase the appearance of fine lines as well as sagging skin in younger patients.

Not everyone has the same quality of diet as hydration and nutritious foods are also key factors that can affect the apparent age of the skin, regardless of our chronological age. Certain key vitamins like vitamin C are important to help build bright, smooth, elastic skin, and conversely, smoking, poor nutrition and sun damage will deplete the skin’s elasticity. Therefore early maintenance may mean that you don’t require a facelift until much later in life, if ever.

On the other hand, some surgeons feel that since the skin is generally healthier and more elastic at age 50 and younger, early surgical intervention can ensure rapid and optimal healing while setting you up to age well in the long term.

Investing in a surgery earlier can also mean that you are able to enjoy the results and maintain them more easily for many more years than if you waited. The idea is that an early face lift can hold off the look of aging.

We begin to lose collagen and elastin in our skin from the 30’s onward and even our facial bones can atrophy slightly as we enter the second half of life. These changes, if left untreated can create the accumulative effect of drastic aging by the time we enter our late 50’s and 60’s.

In addition, considering a Toronto facelift in mid life rather than later years may mean that a more conservative approach combined with the assistance of non-surgical injectables, may offer a more natural-looking, integrated rejuvenation.

The average age for a facelift client has typically been 50 and up, but in recent years, more people are considering face lift surgeries in their 40’s and even late 30’s. The difference is often the degree of change, because less drastic neck lifts, brow lifts and subtle mid facelifts are being requested at a younger age.

When people decide to wait until their 60’s and 70’s for a facelift surgery, the results can be dramatic and life-changing, however, they should plan for a longer recovery due to less efficient circulation and less elastic skin. Your surgeon will want to ensure that you are in great physical health before undergoing a facelift at any age, and will advise you about your best time to proceed.

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