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5 Important Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Facelift In Toronto

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Dr. Phillip Solomon is a renowned surgeon in Facial Cosmetic Surgery with over 20 years of experience. He not only performs advanced methods of facelift surgery in Toronto, but also specializes in a variety of non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. Artistically injected in the desired areas, dermal fillers can achieve transformative but subtle results. Have you heard of a liquid facelift to smooth away years from your complexion? We’ve compiled five fabulous reasons that you may wish to consider this minimally invasive and natural-looking treatment.

The Price

Along with a whole host of benefits, one of the critical factors for this non-surgical alternative is that it costs much less than surgery. Not everyone is ready, financially or otherwise, to plan for facial cosmetic surgery; however, with fillers ranging from $600-1,000 per syringe and neuromodulators priced per unit, the injectable liquid lift is more accessible than surgery for many people.

Minimal Downtime & Comfortable

If you want to make some cosmetic improvements, but you’re nervous about the pain, swelling, bruising or long recovery time, rest-assured that injectable facial treatments are relatively pain-free with topical numbing utilized and fillers containing anaesthetic as well. Shortly after the procedure, mild soreness or bruising is possible, but this is reported as mild in most cases, requiring no medication or downtime. Patients are advised to avoid pressing on the area and to avoid the gym on the same day. Other than that, they are free to enjoy life as usual.

Non-Surgical Toronto Facelifts Are Fast

Even extensive, full-face treatment is usually completed in less than an hour. With no need for multiple staff and OR preparation, no scalpels or sutures, the injection process is quick and straightforward, therefore easier to schedule into your busy life!

Minimal Aftercare

Post- facelift in Toronto, you can count on recovering at home for roughly two weeks, taking time off work and away from the gym. All surgical procedures require a little downtime and those seeking a more extensive surgical procedure will typically say the few weeks to heal is well-worth it.

However, getting back to life fast- the same day- is very desirable for many people. After a non-surgical facelift, you may experience temporary swelling in treatment areas or minor bruising. Topical arnica cream or an ice pack may be all that’s needed, and you’ll feel back to normal within a few days.

Fewer Procedure Risks

Even qualified and experienced medical professionals cannot guarantee a risk-free surgical procedure. Injectable treatments however, can carry considerations too, but are typically minor. The products used to enhance the face through dermal injections are well-tested and extremely safe.

Many unique filler formulations are available, and they consist of natural ingredients that are found in the body and help to hydrate and boost collagen. They are harmlessly absorbed over time. Neuromodulators have been tested and utilized in the medical industry for over 20 years with an excellent safety record.

Choosing a properly certified professional with a great track record helps to ensure you are in good hands. Dr. Solomon will carefully explain the inherent risks and benefits of each procedure you consider. These are only some of the many benefits that non-surgical procedures offer; we welcome you schedule your consultation and learn more.

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