How Could I Benefit From Facial Feminization Surgery?

Transgender Surgery

If you’re a male living in Toronto who has long felt you identify as a female, Female Feminization Surgery can be a life changing experience and a turning point in the trajectory of ones’ life.

If you’re a woman who has long felt that your face is more masculine than feminine. Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto can help feminize your face, enhance your other facial features and restore confidence and self-esteem.

Female Feminization Surgery offers a variety of surgical options that can provide more refinement and femininity.

Rhinoplasty Surgery is one of the most popular Facial Feminization Surgeries in Toronto and is a specialty of Dr. Philip Solomon. Due to its central location and prominence on the face, a nose can have a profound impact on the overall appearance of ones’ face. Rhinoplasty Surgery has the ability to narrow the base of the nose, reduce the projection of the nose, add a gentle slope to the dorsum as well as refine and lift the nasal tip.

Chin Implants are often used in Facial Feminization Surgery, also known as Transgender Surgery, to help increase projection of the chin and augment the jawline making it more contoured. Dr. Philip Solomon, one of Canada’s leading Facial Feminization specialists says, “by increasing the projection of the chin to just below the bottom lip, the jawline can change significantly, looking more shapely, refined and feminine”.

Neck Liposuction is not a commonly sought out surgery for Facial Feminization Surgery, however Dr. Solomon says “don’t underestimate the significant improvement Neck Liposuction can provide”. By removing excess fat from beneath the chin, the natural jawline can be revealed, enhancing and feminizing the shape of the face. Neck Liposuction is often combined with a Chin Implant to optimize results in cases where there is both chin recession and excess fat.

Transgender Surgery in Toronto often includes Cheek Implants for those who want permanent cheek contour.

Men typically have flatter cheekbones and less facial fat however Cheek Implants may benefit both men and women especially those with elongated shaped faces, minimal volume in their cheeks or for those who simply want a more contoured look.

Hairline Lowering Surgery, also known as Forehead Reduction Surgery has increased in popularity in recent years as plastic surgery in Toronto has become increasingly more accepted and attainable, according to Dr. Solomon. Forehead Reduction reduces the height of the forehead subtly changing the shape of the face and ones’ overall appearance. Hairline Lowering Surgery benefits both men and women, however typically men have higher foreheads and recessed hairlines.

Laryngeal Shave, also known as Adam’s Apple Reduction or Tracheal Shave, is most commonly sought out my men looking to reduce the appearance of their Adam’s Apple due to its prominent appearance and typical male characteristic.

Brow Reduction, another common Transgender Surgery and Facial Feminization technique, addresses the brow bone just above the eyes. This bone can be more pronounced in men and by shaving this bone down, the forehead can appear more smooth and feminine.

Dr. Philip Solomon, a renowned and meticulous Facial Feminization Surgery specialist in Toronto, has been performing Transgender Surgery for 20 years and is sought out by patients from across the country and the Greater Toronto Area.


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