What Are The Procedures That Go Into A Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto?

Transgender Surgery

In Toronto, facial feminization surgery describes cosmetic surgery procedures that change the face and neck to become more feminine. There’s no set, standard way to achieve this, so each person’s treatment plan will be customized for their unique needs and goals.

Dr. Phillip Solomon is a double board certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon-Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon Practicing Facial Plastic Surgery. He’s renowned for his facial surgery results, including those designed for facial feminization. The following are a few of the typical procedures that can be included in this suite of surgeries to transform one’s appearance.

Advancement Of The Hairline

This procedure moves the hairline forward and is commonly requested to complete a feminine look because men tend to have more receded hairlines due to genetics. For those with a receding hairline that wish to appear younger or more feminine, scalp or hairline advancement can help. It involves a temple-to-temple incision which is carefully closed with minimal tension to allow a thin, faint scar. This scar can often be disguised with hair transplants post-procedure if desired.

Brow Lifting Surgery

What Are The Procedures That Go Into A Facial Feminization Surgery in TorontoThis popular cosmetic surgery is not only useful to shave years off one’s appearance but can also help feminize the face. Lifted eyebrows and smooth forehead contribute to a softer appearance.

Contouring The Forehead Bone

A prominent forehead bone can lend a masculine quality to a person’s face. Either with or without a brow lift, the bone can be shaved and contoured for facial feminization.

Contouring The Orbital Rim

The orbital ridges- bones around the eyes- can be reshaped or shaved down to soften a person’s appearance and make the eye area more feminine.


Eyelid surgery is a popular choice for anti-aging effects and for feminization too.

Excess skin in the upper or lower lid areas can be removed along with protruding fat pads that create bags. Very fine incisions within the natural folds and creases will be nearly impossible to detect, yet the result of blepharoplasty has a significant positive impact on one’s appearance.

Augmentation For The Cheeks

Whether with fat grafting, dermal fillers or implants, the midface area can be rounded and built up to sculpt cheekbones and make the apples of the cheeks more feminine. That decreases midface height which tends to be longer for men and allows for more sculpted face shape.

A Nose Job

Noses are central to our faces and can have a dramatic effect on the overall harmony of features. Men’s noses are naturally angled downward more often than women’s, and larger in many cases. Rhinoplasty can change the size and shape of one’s nose, refine the tip and create a more feminine profile.

Lift The Upper Lip

Along with nose surgery, lifting the upper lip helps to balance features in cases where the nose has been made smaller.

Chin Bone Shaving

A longer, squared jawline can be feminized through reduction and reshaping of the chin. Sometimes chin implants are also used to alter the projection and create a softer look.

Shaving The Trachea

If a prominent Adam’s Apple (cartilage) isn’t desired, this feature can be removed to create a more feminine neck.

If you’re not sure which treatment or combination is right for you, we welcome you to contact Dr. Phillip Solomon and schedule your private consultation. He’ll discuss available options in detail and listen to your goals for your facial feminization surgery in Toronto. You can achieve dramatic changes with the combination of a few, complementary procedures.
For more information about Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto, contact Dr. Philip Solomon, Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, practicing Facial Plastic Surgery in Toronto.

How To Feminize The Male FaceCombining a variety of Facial Feminization Surgeries and Injectable treatments, can significantly change the male face making it more feminine and refined. Transgender surgery, also known as Female Feminization Surgery in Toronto has certainly increased in popularity since Caitlyn Jenner shared her journey with the world. In doing so, she helped create awareness and acceptance for many men who perhaps didn’t have the confidence to live their authentic life as a woman.

Determining which surgeries would best suit your needs requires a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon, a renowned expert in Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto. Dr. Solomon has been helping male patients transition to female for 20 years in Toronto and understands the physical, psychological, and psychosocial issues that accompany this journey.


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