Want To Coolsculpt Your Abdomen?

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Want to Coolsculpt your Abdomen

Coolsculpting in Toronto

When it comes to losing excess body fat, one of the most common trouble spots on both men and women is the abdomen. While eating well and exercise play a significant role in achieving success, it’s not always enough to reach your desired goal.

Coolsculpting, is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that targets those stubborn spots that need some extra help. Coolsculpting offers that help by eliminating 20-25% of the fat in the area being treated. Coolsculpting, while available in Canada, is now used worldwide and is touted as the number 1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world. When choosing a Coolsculpting specialist near you, be sure that you find one who is experienced and who is listed as a provider on Coolsculpting’s official website.

Your Coolsculpting Consultation

Your Coolsculpting specialist should first take a brief medical history ensuring there is no prior condition of a hernia. Women who are looking to eliminate their post-pregnancy paunch, can do so safely as early as 6 weeks after childbirth as long as they are no longer breastfeeding and their scars are completely healed.

As part of your consultation, your Coolsculpting specialist should ask you to stand while they assess your abdomen at their eye level. They will palpate your abdomen to ensure that there is sufficient volume and soft pliable tissue to be treated. Typically, if your abdomen is “pinchable” then it can be treated. What can appear like excess fat can often be lax skin, which would not be suitable for a Coolsculpting treatment. A patient who has lax skin combined with excess fat may be considered a candidate, however there is the potential for their skin to become looser than it was prior to the treatment.

How it works is as follows. Coolsculpting also known as Cryolipolysis, is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells by freezing them using a controlled temperature of -11 °C. The fat cells are then metabolized through the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body.

Want to Coolsculpt your Abdomen

Be sure to share with your Coolsculpting specialist exactly what you hope to achieve with your treatment so that they can design a treatment plan that will give you optimal results. For example, some patients may just want to reduce the amount of volume they have in their abdomen, while others may want a more sculpted result. Depending on the volume of fat on your abdomen, one Coolsculpting treatment may be sufficient while in other cases 2-3 treatments may be required. In the case of a patient who wants to lose bulk and then sculpt, they may require 2-3 treatments to de-volumize the area and then an additional treatment or two to sculpt.

One Coolsculpting treatment typically eliminates 20-25% of fat in the area being treated. When retreating the same area, the remaining fat is reduced by 20-25%.. It can take up to 3 months to see the final results from your Coolsculpting treatment, therefore, it’s advised to wait before undergoing a subsequent session.

At Solomon Facial Plastic, we specialize in Coolsculpting and take great pride in helping our patients look and feel their best. For more information about Coolsculpting, feel free to visit our website at Solomon Facial Plastic – Coolsculpting. For a complimentary consultation to ensure that you are a candidate for Coolsculpting, please call our office at 905-764-7799. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

At Solomon Facial Plastic, we are highly experienced in Coolsculpting and we take pride in our patients’ success. If you would like to schedule a complementary consultation to see if you’re a candidate for Coolsculpting, feel free to call our office at 905-764-7799.


In order to best assist you, we require all cosmetic patients to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation. There is a fee of $200 plus HST for all consultations. Your consultation fee will be credited towards your procedure and/or treatment. To schedule a consultation, please complete the attached form or call our office at 905-764-7799. We look forward to hearing from you.