3 Myths & Facts About CoolSculpting in Toronto

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Myths- Facts About CoolSculpting in Toronto

Coolsculpting in Toronto

In this age of social media news, each new technological discovery and trend becomes the subjectof reviews and feedback rapidly. When a cosmetic phenomenon such as CoolSculpting grows in popularity with celebrities and millions of people worldwide, there’s bound to be questions and myths created around it. You may read conflicting information about this procedure and wonder what’s fact and what’s fiction. Below, we’ll help bust a few myths and give you the real scoop on CoolSculpting in Toronto, also known as the world’s number one non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

1. CoolSculpting Takes The Place of Old-Fashioned Weight Loss

False. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a miracle weight loss device that safely shrinks overall body fat, both intra-abdominalandexternal problem areas. What we DO have is a safe and effective device that treats problem areas of fat such as the love handles, thighs, chin, arms, buttocks and abdomen. It is most useful for people who are already within their ideal body weight range and will reduce fat cells and inches in subtle increments of 25% per treatment per area. This revolutionary treatment works for an ever-widening range of stubborn fat spots, including bra rolls, back of arms, calves, under chin and armpit.

No cosmetic treatment, including liposuction surgery, can safely remove the visceral fat that surrounds internal organs. If you have a firm, protruding belly, you may have intra-abdominal fat, and you’ll need to reduce it through aerobic exercise and dietary changes.

2. Toronto Coolsculpting Is Painful

False. Many people seem to spread this rumor without first-hand knowledge about how the treatment feels. CoolSculpting utilizes a deep cooling modality applied through handheld devices specially designed to suck in small areas of the fatty tissue while applying the “freezing.” This cooling is delivered to the fat cells without actually freezing your skin. What you are likely to feel is gentle pressure from the device and a tingling, numbing sensation while the cold applicators do their work. Most patients can chat, read or relax during the procedure and would not describe it as painful.

3. Toronto CoolSculpting Results Are Instant And Dramatic

Unfortunately, that is not entirely true. While results can be dramatic, they require patience as the elimination of targeted cells usually takes an average of three months. Your body must process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells, and the treatment is generallyeffective for about 25% of the fat in a treatment area. That means that results can be visible as early as 4 weeks following the treatment, but not instant, and you may need a few sessions to reach your goals. This incredible technology is non-invasive, and there is no downtime. That means patients can be treated over their lunch break, or any time during their day, then return to regular activities right away. With little to no physical risk, CoolSculpting is a safer option for many people who want fat reduction without surgery.

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