Start The New Year Off Right With Coolsculpting In Toronto

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Start The New Year Off Right With Coolsculpting In Toronto

Coolsculpting in Toronto

Have you been searching for that perfect feel good, look good gift this holiday season? Perhaps you and a loved one or your best friend want to treat yourselves to a body improvement procedure and a fresh start for the New Year?

Every winter, in Toronto, CoolSculpting has been gaining popularity as the go-to holiday fat-busting solution. If you’ve over-indulged on festive foods or the cold weather just has you feeling a little padded and out of shape, targeting those problem areas with a proven, non-surgical body sculpting technology can get you back on the right track in time for Spring weather to hit.

Why Is Toronto CoolSculpting So Revolutionary?

Until now, only surgical interventions such as liposuction were considered effective and permanent for fat removal. However, surgical procedures are not without inherent risks and recovery time. Many people just like you are seeking non-invasive, rapid recovery options to battle the bulge, at a lower cost than surgery.

Cryolipolysis is the scientific name for fat cell destroying cold energy therapy that can be delivered right to your target cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. It is impressive because it doesn’t require any incisions, anaesthesia or recovery time. Many people are surprised to learn they can undergo fat reduction sessions and return to work or their daily activities right away.

The body naturally breaks down and dispels the cold-damaged fat cells. Once they are destroyed- they do not return. It takes a few weeks for the full fat cell disposal process to be complete, but during cold, winter months when we’re bundled under layers, the timing is perfect to begin the process of painlessly reducing body fat.

Can CoolSculpting Help You Lose Significant Body Weight?

Unfortunately, this cosmetic contouring treatment is designed for targeted problem-area reduction, not overall body fat loss. The visceral, intraabdominal fat which surrounds organs and threatens health cannot be reached this way, or through liposuction surgery.

It’s best to meet with a dietician, physician or personal trainer for help with shedding excess pounds. The New Year is a great time to reset eating and exercise habits. When your weight is healthy and stable, check out what the procedure can do for target areas.

Specialized technology directs cold energy to underlying fat cells without damaging overlying healthy tissue. The fat cells essentially freeze and are destroyed during the session, then the body’s natural waste removal systems process and eliminate the cell contents, permanently erasing fat.

What Can You Expect The Treatment & Cost To Be Like?

Each treatment takes about 1 hour to complete. You can typically be able to see results after only just one treatment however, sometimes additional treatments may be required for stubborn areas. This means that you can treat yourself to this confidence-boosting holiday gift and have more than one session to see maximum results, all before beach weather arrives.

You won’t need anaesthetic or downtime after your treatment- it’s not painful. A gel pad protects the skin and is placed by your practitioner, then the fat areas are drawn into a handheld cooling device with gentle suction. There, cold energy treats the target cells, and the process of cryolipolysis begins. You’ll be able to relax, listen to music or rest throughout, then leave directly after the procedure.

This holiday season, why not erase your diet and exercise indiscretions before bathing suit weather arrives? The winter months are perfect for restoration and rejuvenation. Call the Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Centre to book your treatment today and say goodbye to bulges.


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