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Lip Lift Surgery in Toronto

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A youthful mouth shows about 2mm of teeth when the mouth is open and relaxed. As some people age however, the upper lip can elongate over time, hiding the upper teeth, and the upper lip can tend to curl inward, making it appear thinner.

Is lip lift surgery right for me?

Fillers and injectable treatments can plump lips to a more youthful volume, but upper lift lip surgery may be a better long-term solution for patients who have developed a long upper lip.

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Lip Lift Surgery Before After Results - Dr. Philip Solomon Toronto
Modified Upper Lip Lift

A personal consultation will determine if this procedure is right for a particular patient. Dr. Solomon will assess your facial features, proportions and tissue characteristics before recommending this surgery.

It’s important to trust an expert for any facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Philip Solomon, MD, FRCSC is a double board certified facial surgeon who has performed facial cosmetic surgery for over a decade in his Toronto Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre.

What to expect during the procedure.

Modified Upper lip lift surgery takes place in Dr. Solomon’s facial cosmetic surgery clinic using local anesthesia. A small incision is made at the base of the nose and a small section of skin is removed. The upper lip is lifted upwards and stitched in place at the base of the nose. The surgery takes about 30 minutes.

Recovery and results.

Patients can go home right after the procedure and most return to work within 7-10 days, taking care to avoid strenuous activities. Pain and swelling are moderate and are managed with prescribed medication. Patients are encouraged to follow a soft food diet and not to talk with a wide-open mouth for about a week after surgery. The stitches at the base of the nose dissolve in about two weeks. Patients return after one week and after six weeks for follow-up appointments with Dr. Solomon.

After healing, the mouth will be returned to a more youthful look with a shorter upper lip that allows part of the upper teeth to show naturally when the mouth is open. A more youthful, natural pout will also be restored, as the upper lip will be turned slightly outwards.

Contact our office to book an appointment for a personal consultation with Dr. Solomon and find out if lip lift surgery is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip Lift

How Is A Toronto Lip Lift Performed?

A lip lift is typically performed under local anesthetic and takes 45 minutes or less. The goal of the operation is to minimize the space between the base of the nostrils and the top of the upper lip, also know as the philtrum. A bullhorn-shaped strip of skin is removed just below the nostrils and then sutured closed.

Lip Lift

Can Lip Lift And Rhinoplasty Be Performed At The Same Time?

Yes, Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift Surgery in Toronto can be performed together. There can be increased risks when combining an Open Rhinoplasty with a Lip Lift therefore it may be best to first proceed with an Open Rhinoplasty. However, a Lip Lift can be offered safely with minimal risks with a Closed Rhinoplasty. Best to choose a surgeon experienced at performing both surgeries together. Ensure to follow your surgeons’ post-care instructions for wound healing to optimize your results.

Lip Lift

How Soon Can You Kiss After A Lip Lift In Toronto?

A gentle kiss can be shared 7-10 days following Lip Lift surgery, once sutures have been removed. Engaging in more passionate kissing can resume approximately 2-3 weeks post-op as long as you’re not experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Lip Lift

How Soon I Can Wax After Lip Lift?

It’s recommended to have your lip waxed just before your Toronto Lip Lift surgery, therefore giving you time to heal before needing your next waxing. Ideally, waiting one month following your Lip Lift will allow time for you Lip Lift to heal without feeling you have neglected your grooming routine.

Lip Lift

How Soon Can You Wear Lip Gloss And Makeup after a Lip Lift In Toronto?

If you’re looking to keep your lips moist, a lip balm can be worn immediately following your Lip Lift procedure. It may be best to hold off on using Lip gloss and Lipstick until your sutures have been removed and your Lip Lift has had time to heal, typically 2-3 weeks following your Lip Lift Surgery.

Modified Upper Lip Lift Surgery

Vermillion Border Lip Lift Surgery

Revision Upper Lip Lift Surgery


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