If you have ears that protrude too far, they can really stand out. Unfortunately, children can be cruel and resort to teasing and name-calling when they see someone who looks different. Otoplasty can help remedy this situation.

Who can benefit from otoplasty? What if the ears were deformed due to an accident or birth defect? How far can a doctor pin back the ears? There is no set answer, but doctors work closely with patients to assess the situation and determine their desires in order to achieve a natural appearance.

Goal of Otoplasty

With any procedure, there is such thing as overdoing it and the goal of your cosmetic facial plastic surgeon is to avoid this. There is a fine line between a natural look and over correction. The goal is to pin the ears closer to the head, while maintaining a natural position and shape. If the ears are too far forward or too far back, they look unnatural and unattractive. A natural look includes balance and proportion. This means the position where the ears lie in relation to the face. Ideally, ears will extend from the base of the nose to eyebrow level. This is considered to be the most harmonious position.

What Causes Protruding Ears?

The most common causes of protruding ears are an undeveloped anti-helical fold and over development of ear cartilage. When the anti-helical fold is the problem, the surgeon can create a fold or augment the existing one and hold it in place with sutures. When too much ear cartilage is the cause of protruding ears, the surgeon removes the excess cartilage.
If the cause of the protrusion is a defect, deformity or something that’s not as easy to fix, then the surgeon may have to reshape the ear  in order to achieve a more natural look. In any case, there are several ways to perform an otoplasty and Dr. Solomon will consult with you and assess what is necessary to make you look as better as possible.

Have Large Ears That Stick Out?

Many of us want to stand out from a crowd, but not because of our ears. Ear pinning through otoplasty can improve one’s appearance and self-esteem, especially in young children. Let Solomon Facial Plastic surgery clinic help you achieve the ear positioning you desire. Call Dr. Solomon’s office to learn more. You can find him at 1-888-237-4090.

Dec 26th 2013