As society moves towards greater acceptance and understanding of diverse gender identities, medical advancements offer avenues for individuals to align their outward appearance with their inner selves.

One such transformative procedure is facial feminization surgery, a multifaceted approach aimed at sculpting facial features to exude femininity.

With a profound understanding of the transformative power of facial appearance in affirming one’s identity, Dr. Solomon stands as a paragon of surgical artistry, guiding individuals on their journey toward authenticity and self-expression.

Understanding Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS), also known as transgender surgery, stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to realign their facial features with their inner sense of self.

Transgender surgery encompasses a spectrum of surgical interventions meticulously crafted to soften and refine facial traits often considered “masculine,” thereby patients them with a more traditionally feminine allure.

From jaw reduction to nose reshaping and brow contouring, facial feminization surgery is a bespoke journey tailored to each individual’s preferences.

Age Considerations in FFS

While the minimum age for FFS typically aligns with legal adulthood at 18, waiting until the age of 21 allows individuals further to consolidate their gender identity and readiness for surgical intervention. 

Psychological preparedness stands paramount in navigating the emotional nuances of facial feminization, ensuring informed decision-making and holistic well-being.

As such, a thoughtful approach to age considerations acknowledges the multifaceted nature of gender affirmation journeys, prioritizing the individual’s autonomy and self-assurance.

The Feminization Process: Surgical Procedures

Every contour and curve of the face tells a story. For transgender individuals, reshaping these narratives becomes essential to their journey. Dr. Solomon’s practice at the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto is a sanctuary where the canvas of faces undergoes a transformative brushstroke.

With over two decades of experience and dual board certification, Dr. Solomon epitomizes the fusion of surgical precision and artistic vision required for facial feminization surgery.


The nose, a central feature of facial aesthetics, holds the power to redefine gender expression. Dr. Solomon’s expertise in rhinoplasty transcends mere structural alteration; it’s a symphony of refinement.

Through delicate maneuvers, he sculpts noses into delicate slopes, narrowing bridges, and refined tips, ensuring seamless integration with other feminization procedures.

Brow Lift and Reduction

The brow, a subtle yet significant feature, bears the essence of femininity. With precision and finesse, Dr. Solomon orchestrates brow lifts, creating gentle arches that illuminate the face. Complemented by brow bone reduction, these procedures harmonize facial contours, unveiling the femininity concealed within.

Hairline Lowering

The forehead, often considered a symbol of stature and masculinity, undergoes a transformative journey under Dr. Solomon’s care.

Hairline lowering, alongside brow procedures, reshapes facial proportions, bestowing a delicate frame that conveys femininity. Through meticulous incisions and strategic adjustments, the canvas of the forehead becomes a testament to authenticity.

Laryngeal Shave

Adam’s apple, a vestige of masculinity, yields to Dr. Solomon’s expertise in laryngeal shave procedures. With precision and finesse, he sculpts smooth contours, erasing remnants of masculine traits. Seamlessly integrated into facial feminization plans, this procedure echoes the essence of authenticity.

V-Line Chin Reduction

The jawline, a cornerstone of facial aesthetics, undergoes a metamorphosis under Dr. Solomon’s expertise. V-line chin reduction, a symphony of sculpting, tapers masculine contours, unveiling a softer, more refined silhouette. Integrated seamlessly into facial feminization plans, this procedure embodies the essence of grace.

Lip Lift

Luscious lips, an epitome of femininity, find new dimensions under Dr. Solomon’s care. Through modified lip lifts, he accentuates contours, bestowing volume and allure. By shortening the upper lip, he unveils a smile that resonates with femininity, completing the portrait of elegance.


For individuals undergoing late-life transitions, facelift surgery represents a transformative journey towards renewal.

Dr. Solomon’s expertise in facelift procedures transcends mere rejuvenation, sculpting a visage that resonates with inner vitality. Through strategic adjustments to the lower face, jawline, and neck, he unveils a portrait of selfhood reclaimed.

Fat Grafting

Facial feminization transcends structural alteration; it’s a celebration of curves and contours. Through fat grafting, Dr. Solomon adds volume and softness, sculpting feminine features that radiate confidence. From cheeks to temples, each injection breathes life into the canvas, elevating authenticity to its zenith.

Hair Transplant

Restoring hairline and density, especially in male pattern hair loss cases, enhances overall facial feminization.

Through innovative techniques such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT), Dr. Solomon restores hairlines, revitalizes confidence, and reclaims roots. With each follicle transplanted, a new chapter of authenticity unfolds.

Procedure Duration and Hospital Stay

The duration of the FFS procedure varies depending on the nature of the interventions. From quick sessions for administering cosmetic fillers to more extensive facial surgeries, the timeline fluctuates accordingly.

Following the procedure, patients typically spend a day or so in the hospital for observation before being discharged to continue their recovery at home.

Initial Clinical Follow-up

Within five days of surgery, patients undergo their first clinical follow-up, scheduled prior to discharge. This appointment monitors healing progress and addresses any immediate concerns.

Recovery From Transgender Surgery

Embarking on the path to feminization entails embracing the recovery process as an integral facet of the transformative journey. While the average recovery period spans approximately two weeks post-surgery, the journey toward complete resolution extends over several months.

Bruising and acute swelling gradually subside within 7-14 days, with residual swelling dissipating over nine months to a year, contingent upon the extent of procedures performed. Sutures typically follow a removal timeline of 7-10 days post-surgery, marking a tangible step towards unveiling the envisioned feminine identity.

Risk Assessment in Facial Feminization Surgery

Like any surgical procedure, FFS entails inherent risks, necessitating careful consideration and preparation. Prioritizing optimal health status, comprehensive pre-operative assessments, and informed consent mitigate potential risks and complications.

Open communication and understanding of the surgical plan establish trust and collaboration between the patient and surgeon, setting the stage for a successful outcome.

Explore Transgender Surgery With Dr. Solomon in Toronto

At Solomon Facial Plastic in Toronto, Dr. Solomon offers a range of procedures to assist transgender individuals in their journey towards authenticity.

Distinguished by his meticulous attention to detail and artistic vision, Dr. Solomon collaborates closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that may incorporate non-surgical and surgical techniques for optimal feminization results.

Crafting the perfect reflection of your inner identity begins with a conversation. Contact us today by filling in a form or call us at 905-764-7799 and embrace your journey towards authenticity.

Apr 24th 2024