Both Micro Laser Skin Peels and Chemical Peels treat and improve skin conditions with a high level of efficiency.

They remove damaged layers of skin to fix problems like sun exposure, scars, or wrinkles. But what are the biggest differences between the two?

Micro Laser Skin Peels

Micro laser peels take between fifteen to thirty minutes on average. It can cost up to $2000, much more than its chemical counterpart. Normally, it uses a CO2 laser, which is the most modern and safe laser for the procedure.
It works by firing laser beams at the skin to remove thin layers of it. Most patients experience no discomfort during this treatment, although afterwards they may feel like their skin has a slight sunburn. If the patient requires multiple treatments, he or she can return less than 4-6 weeks later for the next one.
Micro Laser Peels have fewer risks of hypopigmentation than chemical peels. However, they aren’t for people with very dark skin, or people who have acne or deep wrinkles.

Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peels are much cheaper than their alternative – they can cost about $800. The procedure involves a chemical solution (usually consisting of acids) being applied to the face for about ten minutes. Deep chemical peels are slightly different. The patient takes Retin A and anesthetics before applying the chemicals. This chemicals remain on the skin for up to two hours. After a deep chemical peel, the patient shouldn’t put makeup on their skin for two weeks. Many people choose to have a quick chemical peel and return later for more treatment over a period of time. Often, they see results after several treatments. Even more, they do not have to deal with the inconveniences of a deep chemical peel.
Neither a micro laser peel nor a chemical peel will last forever, due to the skin continuing to age. However, they should last a few years if the skin is given proper protection from the sun.
Before deciding on either one of these treatments, patients should seek advice from their doctor. Skin colour, skin sensitivity, and even other medication that the patient is on can all affect the results of a chemical or laser peel. We recommend that patients make an appointment with their doctor or dermatologist before going ahead with either form of treatment.