Rhinoplasty – or nose job – is a popular plastic surgery in North America.


Revision Rhinoplasty consists on fixing previous Rhinoplasty issues

People want to enhance their look, improve their breathing function or otherwise. Good news, your surgeon is able to transform you. Primary rhinoplasty refers to a first time procedure. Depending on your surgeon and the type of rhinoplasty you are eligible for, you may have open or closed rhinoplasty procedures. Either way, your surgeon should master the best techniques to provide you with excellent results. You have to be realistic, though. Your plastic surgeon is not a miracle worker and not all things are possible. You want to remember that it is about creating a natural looking nose.

Secondary rhinoplasty, also known as revision rhinoplasty, is a procedure that fixes problems related to previous rhinoplasty. It is more difficult than primary rhinoplasty: the original tissue is already altered. Therefore, it can require your surgeon to rebuild the nasal framework. You must have an skilled nasal surgeon perform this work. They are able to improve your nasal function and appearance because they are experts in this field.The goal of revision rhinoplasty is to improve your nasal function, achieve a natural look. The surgeon will work in harmony with the rest of your facial features.

If you are having  a revision rhinoplasty, you might have some serious concerns. You could be dealing with feelings of frustration and anxiety; not to mention the breathing problems.


You might feel frustrated. What improvements can be made to your nose? As well, you might not know how to move forward with your concerns. Dr. Solomon will use advanced computer imaging software to explain the procedure to you. Thus, he will help you to establish realistic goals for your nose.


Going in for revision rhinoplasty can be a scary thing and cause you to feel anxious. You might not want to have to go through it all again. You might be thinking about things such as “what if my nose looks worse after this surgery?” It’s important to trust your plastic surgeon completely before making any decisions.

Breathing problems

If you are having problems with your nasal function, revision surgery can help you improve in most cases. But, remember, it is dependent on the individual’s situation. Your surgeon will be able to guide you in the right direction on this point.

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