Rhinoplasty surgery, otherwise known as a “nose job”, is a common procedure sought by individuals who are not satisfied with the natural shape of their nose and choose reconstructive surgery to produce a more visually attractive appearance.. Apart from the cosmetic benefits, it also is routinely performed on individuals with long-standing medical conditions such as a deviated nasal septum due to congenital reasons or deformity due to tissue trauma.

When undergoing the rhinoplasty with a highly skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Solomon who specializes in this procedure, patients will feel at ease knowing that they are in excep-tional hands and will get the best care possible. The most common reasons patients choose to undergo rhinoplasty are as follows;

Trauma / Accidents

One of the most common indications for rhinoplasty is a blunt traumatic force to the nose resulting in the accumulation of blood, or breakage in the nasal septum. This is commonly seen in cases as a the result of a sports injury, motor vehicle accident or a physical altercation causing damage to the nose. The altered shape of the nose can then result in insecurity and self-consciousness for many people. This is especially challenging for people who have a high profile or public ca-reer that requires them to have constant interaction with people on a daily basis.

Medical Conditions

Rhinoplasty is also commonly recommended for individuals who wish to reshape their nose to improve their present medical condition. The septum is a hard structure containing bone and hyaline cartilage which is located in the center of the nose and helps to provide structural support and shape. The twisted, crooked or obstructed position of this structure can cause severe visible nasal asymmetry and can make breathing laborious. This affects breathing, speech and even singing. Patients who typically undergo this surgery often report a history of breathing problems due to the misalignment of their nasal septum (deviated nasal septum) and they may present with symptoms such as severe, persistent snoring due to inability to breathe efficiently. Individuals with chronic sinus infections or nasal obstruction may also benefit from the surgery as it improves breathing function resulting in an overall improvement in the quality of life.

Facial Symmetry

The nose plays the most crucial role in maintaining an individual’s overall facial symmetry due to its central location. Rhinoplasty is able to correct proportions of facial features by surgically altering the appearance and shape of the nose as per a patient’s goals. It is remarkable to see what dramatic change and transformation can be achieved with subtle changes to the size or position of the nose on a persons’ face. Dr. Philip Solomon is a reknowned specialist in Rhinoplasty sur-gery who is able to produce a natural yet aesthetically balanced appearance to his patients.

Aug 23rd 2017