Dr. Philip Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Centre in Toronto is excited to announce: we now offer the next generation of premium skin care products, ZO Skin Health.

ZO Skin Health science has advanced well beyond current principles. In addition to a wide spectrum of therapeutic treatments, it offers daily and preventive solutions for creating and maintaining healthy skin. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce ZO Skin Health to our practice.
Everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin. Consequently, we have carefully hand selected ZO Skin Health products that deliver exceptional performance. It offers anti-aging, corrective, reversal and restorative treatments.
ZO Skin Health works at the cellular level so that skin nourishes repairs and maintains itself. Even more, ZO programs help you achieve optimum skin health by ‘layering’ retinol, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Its purpose is to increase and enhance repair.

Immediately and over time, you will see a noticeable improvement in your lines and wrinkles dark spots, tone, texture, firmness and elasticity.

Underneath the surface, your skin will be healthier. As a result, you can enjoy instant gratification and long-term benefits. Including these products in your daily skincare regimen, will not only assist you in restoring any damage to your skin, but will help you maintaining a younger, more radiant complexion.
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ZO® Aggressive Anti-Aging Program – Level III
Diagnosis: Sun Damage, Dullness, Skin Laxity, Lines, Wrinkles
Treatment: Aggressive Anti-Aging Program – Level III Duration: 4 months
ZO Aggressive Anti-Aging Program
ZO® Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System
ZO Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System