Lip augmentation is one of today’s fastest-growing cosmetic procedures. We all lose collagen as we age. As a result, our formerly firm lips can become thin, making us look older. Many women believe that thinner lips make them look less feminine, which causes anxiety and a loss of self-confidence.

However, lips can safely and effectively recover their youthful firmness with the help of skilled plastic surgeons. For example, a lot of celebrities rely on them to restore their picture-perfect faces before going in front of the camera.
Which famous celebrities have had lip injections before?

  • Kylie Jenner
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Jennifer Farley (“J-WoWW”)
  • Courtney Cox
  • Renee Zellweger
  • Megan Fox
  • Lindsay Lohan

Injectable fillers for lips

Lip enhancements, or lip augmentation, can be temporary or permanent facial rejuvenation treatments. Until recently, most lip enhancements were injectable fillers, like dermal fillers. These fillers produce a firmer lip. However, the body naturally absorbs the collagen or hylaform gel, the main ingredient of dermal fillers. As a result, the lip injections must be repeated.
Some dermal fillers are classified as ‘semi-permanent’. Technically, they are permanent injectables which have not enough time on the market to be classified as permanent.

Permanent lip implants

However, permanent implants exist. One of the most popular and effective permanent lip implants is the gortex implant, by Advanta. Gortex is very useful in surgical procedures, such as in vascular surgeries, where its function is to replace arteries. However, Gortex is not yet available in Canada.
The surgeons insert this implants through minute incisions. Advanta implants are soft, flexible, and feel normal. Furthermore, the body’s own tissue grows around the implants, which anchor them in place. They are not re-absorbed into the body, and their effect is permanent.

Fat transplant for lip implants

One of the most exciting new surgical developments is fat transfer. The surgeon uses the patient´s fat cells and, after a harvesting and purification process, injects them in a precise area. This technique means there is no chance of an allergic reaction, because the surgeon uses materials from your own body.

Angelina Jolie: most requested celebrity lip look

The most successful celebrity lip implants or lip enhancements are not widely publicized. Celebrities prefer to keep their beauty tips secret! There has been much speculation about Kim Kardashian’s luscious lips, but no verification that they are anything but natural. Sadly, it is the plastic surgery disasters which receive the most publicity.
So next time you see a celebrity with full, luscious lips, know that there are options for you to have that same result!