When is Gore-Tex used in a nose job?

I’ve heard you can use it instead of performing a traditional rhinoplasty. – Eleanor Browning. Peterborough. ont.

Gore-Tex is an implant that can be used in the nose, lips or other areas. In the nose it is often used to correct a primary problem or a deformity from prior rhinoplasty. Gore-Tex has several advantages: it is malleable – making it versatile in applications; its smooth texture helps eliminate noticeable edges that can be a problem with other graft materials; and it is porous, allowing tissues to grow into it . The main risk of Gore-Tex is infection and rejection from the body. Some surgeons use this product frequently and become adept at minimizing the risks, but most surgeons prefer to use natural alternatives when possible.

Why does revision rhinoplasty seem so common?

I want to get my nose fixed, but I’m worried that I will end up having to get it done again (two of my friends who have had nose jobs have had to get them done twice). Do all doctors do revision rhinoplasty if the first one doesn’t work out? – Kate Peterson, Vancouver

Revision rhinoplasty is riskier than primary rhinoplasty surgery, but can be necessary if you didn’t get the results you wanted -if the surgery was done poorly, if you didn’t heal properly or if you and the surgeon had different goals going into the surgery. Revision surgery may be necessary in up to 15 percent of a surgeons patients. Your doctor should discuss it as a possiblity with the understanding that if problems arise they will do what they can to correct it. Not all surgeons are experienced in revision surgery, so you should look for a surgeon who has a lot of experience in revision rhinoplasty – just in case.