Toronto Rhinoplasty - What Is The Goal For Persian Patients?

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Toronto Rhinoplasty - What Is The Goal For Persian PatientsIn Toronto, Persian rhinoplasty patients usually share common nasal characteristics. Features such as an elongated nose and tip, thicker skin and wide bridge with a hump are ethnically distinctive. The most common goals of Persian rhinoplasty include removing the dorsal hump, lifting the tip, and shrinking the overall size of the nose. In Iranian culture, rhinoplasty is equal parts tradition and status symbol and when done well, the procedure helps complement other typical facial features such as large eyes and high cheekbones.

Reducing The Hump

The traditional Persian hump can be made of either bone or cartilage but in most cases it is a mixture of both, with cartilage making up the larger portion. This is because the bridge of the nose is itself made of both bone (upper third) and cartilage (lower two-thirds). Reducing a hump during Toronto Persian rhinoplasty requires a combination of shaving and sculpting depending on whether bone or cartilage is being addressed.

Adjusting The Tip

The typical approach to lifting and reducing a tip is to raise the soft tissue and sculpt the underlying area so it can be resized and reshaped into something more aesthetically pleasing. This can sometimes be tricky for Persian patients if they have thick skin around the nose because thicker skin is more limited in how much it will shrink down to a new framework.

This can exacerbate rather than correct a lack of definition. One of the techniques used in Persian rhinoplasty to account for this is to graft cartilage onto the nasal tip. By raising the tip through this method, the thick skin is “pushed out” to the sides and the thinner skin helps make the tip appear smaller and narrower.

Reducing Size

Size reduction in a Toronto Persian rhinoplasty can be accomplished through either direct or indirect methods. The direct approach is when the nasal structure is repositioned to narrow the nose and give it a sharper profile.

Indirect approaches use techniques that may not physically reduce the size of the nose but can make it appear smaller, such as the graft approach described above. Another example of this approach is to raise the top portion of the bridge. This creates a pyramid-like optical effect where the top appears to be the narrowest part.

Use The Consultation

No two noses are alike and everyone has their own vision for cosmetic enhancement. Take advantage of the consultation period to review your preferred outcomes with your surgeon. Visual references, such as photographs or images created through simulation software, are excellent tools for promoting a shared understanding of the procedure’s goals.

At Solomon Facial Plastic, Dr. Philip Solomon a renowned surgeon sought out for rhinoplasty by Persian patients from across Canada will assess your facial structure prior to devising a surgical plan.

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