Lip augmentation enhances lips without the necessary volume to stand out. There are two general ways that clients augment lips. There are permanent augmentations and semi-permanent fillers. The result is a fuller, younger, and sensual facial expression.

Having a trial period

The advantage of semi-permanent lip fillers is over time, the effects gradually wear off. If you have never tried it out, you can see how a fuller lip suits your face. There are many safe options for filling your lips, professionals have used them for years. Lip fillers give you the general feeling of what it’s like to have fuller lips. The trial period lasts between 4 to 12 months, leaving the client with a good idea of how they would like a more permanent solution.

Different shapes and sizes

A lip implant is an inorganic material goes inside your lips. They come in sizes ranging from small (2.5mm) to large (8mm). They also come in circular and oval shapes. Whether you want to crest of your lips to be rounder and fuller, or the sides of your smile to seem more plump, the options are available.
Small incisions are made to the lips, and the implants are placed inside. Following a healing period, you will recover with a poutier expression. The effects are far beyond what cosmetics with plumping effects can claim.
There is also the permanent injectable. It can be a synthetic material similar to gore-tex. That means that it’s soft and pliable, much like human tissue. Your doctor will target specific areas of your lips and inject this material. The procedure for injection is short, and the healing time is different.

Going for a younger, softer look

Some clients naturally have thinner lips. It’s common to associate fuller lips with a more sensual expression. Furthermore, with age, the contours of lips can droop into a resting expression that seems negative. With lip augmentation, facial expressions appear more inviting, and youthful. The natural lines around the mouth that appear over time with use are less of an emphasis.

A natural pout

There are lots of tips and tricks in the makeup industry to play with the light around your face. Instead of such a temporary fix that requires a bag of products to achieve, even a semi-permanent lip filler will simplify your life considerably.