A Toronto revision rhinoplasty procedure, which is commonly referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty surgery, is offered to patients whose original cosmetic procedure has failed to meet their aesthetic expectations or inadvertently caused functional issues. With his expertise and experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Phillip Solomon has an exceptionally artistic eye as well as the surgical skills to manipulate the scar tissues of the altered nose to rebuild a more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing one that matches the other facial features.

For individuals who are interested in a revision rhinoplasty surgery, there can be a number of different concerns to address. However, the most common concerns that we see in our clinic are typically aesthetic or functional in nature.

Aesthetic Reasons For Choosing A Toronto Revision Rhinoplasty

Most patients who choose to undergo a primary rhinoplasty procedure wish to improve their overall physical appearance by introducing a more harmonious balance between their facial features by adjusting the size or shape of their nose. When the primary rhinoplasty is successful, the results can give a boost of self-confidence and significantly improve the quality of life. However, the results of a primary rhinoplasty are not always aesthetically pleasing, especially if completed by an inexperienced surgeon.

The primary rhinoplasty procedure can sometimes lead to deformities or highlight issues that were not noticed prior to the surgery. For patients of different ethnic backgrounds, a surgeon that lacks experience with ethnic rhinoplasty procedures can alter the nose excessively, leading to a loss of ethnic qualities and an unnatural outcome. In any of these cases, the physical appearance of the nose does not meet the patient’s expectations, leaving the patients feeling self-conscious and distressed.

Patients then have to wait one year for their nose to fully heal and for all swelling resolve before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Solomon is highly sought out for revision rhinoplasty by patients from across Canada as he is has been a leading specialist in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty in Toronto for 20 years.

Rhinoplasty surgery makes up a large portion of the procedures performed by Dr. Solomon. His extensive experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery is comprised of some of the most difficult and challenging cases.

Functional Concerns That Necessitate A Toronto Revision Rhinoplasty

For patients who are not seeking a revision rhinoplasty for aesthetic reasons, they are likely looking for a solution to correct a functional nasal problem. It is possible that a primary rhinoplasty has achieved the desired aesthetic results but have inadvertently caused problems with the functionality of the nose.

Patients have reported difficulty with breathing, trouble with sleeping and a feeling of discomfort that can be caused by excessive nasal cartilage, septum perforation, a broken or bent septum, or even a collapse of the internal nasal structures.

To improve the patient’s quality of life, Dr. Solomon has developed a keen sense for understanding the anatomical causes underlying these functionality issues and will address them strategically in a revision rhinoplasty procedure.

A rhinoplasty procedure is a cosmetic surgery that aims to bring confidence and happiness to a patient’s life, therefore unsatisfactory outcomes often need to be corrected. Furthermore, the significant amount of financial and emotional investment in the primary rhinoplasty procedure makes it unacceptable for patients to be unhappy with their results.

If you are feeling uncertain about your rhinoplasty results and are seeking help for a revision rhinoplasty, we invite you into our clinic for a private consultation with Dr. Solomon. You will be able to discuss your concerns and learn how we are able to help you achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing result.