Are you considering a Rhinoplasty surgery but you’re not sure what time of year would be best? Based on our patients at SFT, the fall and winter months are an extremely popular time of the year for Rhinoplasty surgery. The following are some of the reasons for the increased visits we see during these two seasons.

Recovery Phase

The incision wounds from rhinoplasty can take up to a few weeks to heal. In fact, the time taken for the scars and symptoms to completely heal can range anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks. If the procedure were to be performed in the spring or summer, this would take away the time an individual could enjoy with their family outdoors. Therefore, many people may hesitate to undergo such invasive surgical procedures during the summer months, especially since their children may be out of school for summer holidays and families wait all year for this time to take family vacations.
This makes fall and winter an optimal time of year to undergo surgery. During these seasons, being indoors isn’t nearly as much of a sacrifice. The fall is ideal so patients can have to time recover and heal before heading into the holiday season in December. As an added benefit, this time of year lends itself to sporting scarves and layers to cover up when heading out in to the cold.

Great opportunity to relax at home

Are you one of those individuals who works hard all year round so that you can take time off work to relax at home during the winter? Such individuals are the perfect candidates for rhinoplasty during the fall or winter. It is the perfect time to take time off work for the surgery and relax at home for a couple of weeks. If you plan your vacation right before the holiday season you could use this opportunity to have family around, with the added benefit of an extra set of hands around the house.


Another good reason for selecting the winter season for the surgery is that it’s coming up to the holiday season. Perhaps your family would like to make a small contribution towards the cost of your surgery as a holiday gift!

If you are thinking of undergoing rhinoplasty during the fall or winter, be sure to contact Dr. Solomon’s office at 866-293-0616 for more information.

Sep 20th 2017