Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Many people consider it as an option to create a more suitable appearance for their nose.

However, because the first thing a people see is the face, they worry about what they will look like after the procedure. The downtime and recovery for rhinoplasty is not as long and arduous as many expect.

What To Expect

The first few days after rhinoplasty are the worst. There will be a large amount of swelling – so much that there may also be bruising around the cheeks and eyes. The amount of bruising depends on several factors. If the nose was broken, then bruising is more likely to occur. In addition, the type of procedure, the thickness of the skin on the nose and the health of the patient can all determine the likelihood of bruising.
The surgeon removes the splint after one week. If there are any sutures remaining, he will also remove them at this time as well. By this time, the patient can return to school or work. However, he or she should limit any strenuous activities at this time. After several weeks, the risk of bleeding from the nose decreases and the patient may exercise. The plastic surgeon will assess the progress of the healing and make any recommendations.

Recovery Period

The swelling will decrease tremendously by the second week. Most people use makeup to cover up any swelling or bruising still present at this time. However, the nose takes some time to heal completely. It make take up to a year for the swelling to completely go away, although 90 percent of it is gone by 12 weeks after the surgery.
The nose is sensitive after rhinoplasty, which means that the patient should avoid direct sunlight for a few months. Sun protection is a must-have when outdoors. In addition, patients should refrain from smoking after rhinoplasty, as smoke negatively affects the healing process. Many patients experience stiffness in their upper lip after the surgery. Fortunately, this issues resolves itself on its own after the swelling goes down, which can take several weeks or so.

Dec 10th 2014