So you have decided that plastic surgery may be an option for you! You have spent hours scouring the internet for pictures that show the result you are looking for. You have read up on the general procedure in forums and journals. Last, but not least, you have saved enough for your financial investment in yourself. Now what?

Now—the time has come to select the doctor that will be performing the surgery. However, this is no feat to be taken lightly. This person will have a hand in the anesthetic protocols, the altering of your physical being, and the care for your general well-being while undergoing surgery. The doctor you chose is a big decision. You should treat this decision with careful planning, research, and an interview where you will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions. Below is a list of questions to get you started! Remember to take your time, see if a good rapport forms between you and the doctor, and keep in mind that a consultation comes with no strings attached! For in the end, you should feel at ease and confident with the selection you’ve made.

Questions to ask your potential plastic surgeon:


  1. Where and when did you train, got your certifications and your license?
  2. Do you participate in continued education to keep you up to date on the best practices?
  3. How long have you actively been in practice?
  4. If I select you for this procedure, are you the actual doctor I will receive for my plastic surgery?
  5. What can I expect in terms of pre and post op care?
  6. What risks and complications involves this type of plastic surgery?
  7. How many times have you performed this procedure?
  8. How many do you perform daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?
  9. Is there a previous patient I could speak with via telephone or email regarding their experience here?
  10. Do you ever have to fix or repair mishaps with this type of surgery? How often if so?
  11. Where will my procedure take place?  Hospital or private clinic?
  12. Will I stay overnight or do I require a family member or friend to drive me home?
  13. What are the total costs, from start to finish, with this procedure?
  14. Is this covered by OHIP, Insurance, or just privately?
  15. What can I expect in terms of down time and days off work?
  16. What must I alter in terms of bathing, sleeping, eating, and exercise?
  17. Which type of follow-up care is included?
  18. Will you personally do the follow-up?
  19. When can I expect results?
  20. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?