Otoplasty is a viable option for men, women and children who worry about the appearance of their ears. This procedure pins back the ears to keep them from sticking out too far. Not only do patients who undergo this procedure look better, but feel better as well.

Most patients respond well to otoplasty, but they often have concerns, especially when it comes to movement of the ears. It may sometimes appear like the ears are in an ideal position at one point and then they may move forward or back. Fortunately, this should not be a reason to concern; it is actually normal.

Movement of Ears


It is common for the position of the ears to move slightly after otoplasty. After the procedure, patients need to wear an overnight dressing, followed by a headband, for a week or two. After that, it is then worn only at night for six weeks. The headband helps to stabilize the ears and facilitate the healing process. Movement of the ears often increases when the patient stops wearing the headband. As a result, it is normal for the ears to move slightly forward after removing the headband.


In addition, many patients notice movement when waking up in the morning because they sleep on their side, which can affect the ears’ positioning. Children can also affect the positioning of their ears because they tend to play with their ears a lot and can cause the sutures – which anchor the ear in place – to come out and cause the ears to move.


Many patients worry about this and want to move their ears back further. They think that tightening the headband will achieve this. However, over tightening the headband can actually hurt the ears, which are especially delicate after the surgery. In fact, the way the ears look when the headband is off is likely how they will heal.


Get Rid of Your Protruding Ears Today

Sadly, many children face the name-calling and humiliation that comes with large ears or ears that stick out too far. The good news is that otoplasty can fix this common concern for good. Even if you’re an adult who wants to improve the appearance of your ears, Solomon Facial Plastic can help. Dr. Solomon is a board-certified otolaryngologist Head and Neck surgeon practicing facial plastic cosmetic and reconstructive ear surgery who can help you achieve the results you desire. Contact his office today at 1-888-237-4090 for a consultation.

Jan 02nd 2014