Patient Question:

Is there a new procedure called incision less otoplasty, how does it work?

Dr Solomon’s Answer:

Dr. Solomon certified Facial Plastic Surgeon the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and Certified Royal College Otolaryngology. He practices Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Toronto Canada.
Yes there is a minimal incision autoplastic procedure. This is a procedure that places sutures through the ear in a way as to reshape the ear cartilages. A small incision is made to allow for the suture to be knotted at the back of the ear. This technique in my opinion can be useful, but is only ideal in a small percentage of patients. The traditional otoplasty suture technique allows the ear to be better positioned, relative to the skull. The incision from otoplasty generally heals well and is not a concern for most patients.

Jan 28th 2008