“Hi everyone, I want to testify that Dr. Solomon did a great job for me. My face has been crushed by a softball (ouch).” Learn how Rhinoplasty helped this patient.

“By the way, I have no idea why people call those things ”soft”balls !!!!
So my nose was totally broken in many tiny pieces, like a crushed egg shell ! Believe it or not, Dr. Solomon reconstructed my nose, it’s almost a miracle ! I am soooooo thankfull.
You know what? The most important thing, is that he is very professional with his patients. He is a proud surgeon. He doesn’t hesitate to say that whatever would disturb me in the next year, he could do some touch up.
This is a proof of engagement. I am glad that Dr. Solomon was recommended to me. I will post pictures of me on the web site …and its only a month after !!!”