It is one cosmetic surgical procedure that’s been around for some time, yet not a lot of the public know about dimple surgery. According to some, dimples add character and personality, and they are even thought of as a sign of good luck or prosperity in some cultures.

Not everyone has natural dimples, but those who wish they did can take advantage of dimple surgery to create the dimples they desire. Here’s an idea of what to expect from the process.

A Custom Plan

Prior to your dimple surgery, a custom plan for how your new dimples will look is important. During the consultation, you can describe the shape and size of dimples you want. Then the doctor will let you know if it is possible to create them with your features and facial shape. It’s a good idea to seriously consider any recommendations the doctor sends your way. Remember, he knows what will look good on every type of face. The size and location of the dimple generally is along the intersection of an imaginary line dropped from the corner of the eye and another line drawn laterally from the corner of the mouth.

What Happens During Surgery?

During the surgery, the surgeon administers a local anesthetic. As a result, you won’t feel the little incision that’s made on the inside of your cheek. The procedure will remove some of the skin from inside the cheek, plus a small part of the cheek muscle. Afterwards, the surgeon sutures that incision and create the dimple on the outside of the cheek. The suture eventually dissolves, but the dimple remains.

What Will They Look Like?

If the procedure went how you discussed it with the doctor beforehand, your new dimples should look fine . They will be visible when you smile, just like real dimples, but ideally unnoticeable when you aren’t smiling.

How Long Will They Last?

When you have dimple surgery, the effects are permanent and your dimples will last forever. This isn’t a kind of procedure where you should have to come back in for tune ups or touch ups or revisions to maintain the effect. Just one surgery, then you have your dimples for life.

It’s Not for Everyone

Since dimple surgery is a cosmetic procedure, it isn’t right for everyone that wants it. Even if you don’t have dimples of your own, your doctor might decide that your facial features aren’t right for the procedure. The goal is to create a natural look, where it seems like you’ve had your dimples your whole life. If your face will look sunken in or hollow, it is better to not perform a dimple surgery.