No Rhinoplasty procedure is identical. In order for an individual’s nose to look natural, it needs to be in balance with that specific person’s facial features and ethnicity.

Regardless of your ethnicity, a surgeon can customize your nose. Rhinoplasty should give your face a gorgeous and harmonious look. However, the question is still open: Does your ethnicity affect the result of your rhinoplasty?g on the look you wish to achieve, the surgeon will work on your nose. African Canadian and Asian patients tend to ask to have their nasal bridges built up and the nostril base narrowed. This kind of procedure gives the nose a more slender look. On the other hand, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Eastern European patients may require reductive techniques to reduce the overall appearance of the nose. With the result of making it less prominent as it sits on the middle of the face. Cartilage and bone are removed. The tip is refined and reshaped to create a smaller, subtler nose.
As a whole, ethnicity does affect your nose job procedure. Certain ethnicities tend to have larger noses, more cartilage, bumps on their bridge, or other distinctive features. Doctors will take all that into consideration during your consultation phases.

If you have sinus problems, your doctor may recommend seeing a plastic surgeon.

When it comes to medical rhinoplasty, some patients feel that they will lose a sense of themselves by having a nose job. For instance, some fear that their ethnic identity will decline if they have their nose fixed. A plastic surgeon’s job is to preserve your nose’s function and allow you to breathe better after a rhinoplasty procedure. Your doctor will not alter it completely so that your ethnicity is indeterminable.
Remember: people of all ethnicities are eligible for rhinoplasty surgery, as long as their noses have finished growing. For females this is usually after the age of 15. For males it is after the age of 17. However, many plastic surgeons advise waiting until 18  before most procedures.
Finally, as is the case with any plastic surgery, you must be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of your operation. Furthermore, most people are able to return to their normal activities within two weeks of their surgery. However, everyone experiences swelling post-procedure and the amount of puffiness that occurs has nothing to do with your ethnicity.
Historically, rhinoplasty procedures went after the look of a average Caucasian woman. Thankfully, the standards of beauty have shifted over time and patients are becoming more and more accepting of their own ethnicities. Furthermore, caucasian-looking noses are less in demand as people celebrate their ethnicity.

Jun 08th 2015