A Chin Implant procedure provides the necessary correction to improve the symmetry and appearance of the entire face. Like any cosmetic surgery, surgeons use an incision to apply the implant.

Many patients wonder if a chin implant will leave a noticeable scar. However, understanding the procedure is the first step in knowing what kind of results to expect.
The following will give you the information you need to get the best results from your chin implant procedure.

Understanding Chin Implants

A chin implant is a common method of reshaping a person’s chin and enhance their appearance. The surgeon inserts the implant into the chin. However, in some cases, the surgeon shifts or reshapes the underlying bone.
The incision can be in the outside or inside of the mouth. This creates a space  between the bone of the chin and the surrounding muscles. Afterwards, the surgeon places the implant into this space and attach it through the use of medical screws.
Surgeon typically perform chin implant procedures at their office, or in an outpatient clinic. Medical grade sutures seal the incision.

Chin Implant Recovery

Most patients will experience some mild soreness or discomfort. However, your doctor can prescribe medications to alleviate these and other symptoms. Numbness or tightness may also be present, but these symptoms will disappear after a brief period of time.
Most patients are glad to learn that they can return to work within 7 to 10 days after undergoing the procedure. However, prior to that time, patients must minimize their activity level and avoid exposing the area to potential injury.
Some doctors provide a brace for patients to use while they sleep. This brace provides an additional level of protection at night.

Scarring Concerns

It’s understandable that patients concern about the visibility of scars. But, in fact, the incision is approximately 1.5 centimeters in length or smaller.
If the surgeon applies and closes the incision appropriately, there should be no issues related to scarring. Your doctor can provide the information you need to understand how the incision is applied.
Furthermore, you’ll receive instructions on how to maximize the healing process. Following your doctor’s recommendations is essential to achieving a complete recovery and great results.
External incisions reduce the risk of infection or trauma to the muscles surrounding the chin. But once a patient recovers from the surgery, the incision should be unnoticeable.
A chin implant can provide you with the aesthetic correction you want. There will be no noticeable scar left after the procedure, and you’ll have a faster recovery period when you understand the procedure and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Sep 19th 2016