Ensuring that you are well prepared for what you will experience following your Rhinoplasty Surgery is crucial. While experiences may from patient to patient, we’re providing you with a general guideline for you to follow.
The day of your surgery, you will be going home with a splint on your nose as well as stitches. You will have what is called a moustache dressing that you’ll need to change should it become saturated with blood. Bruising and swelling will begin right away and breathing through your nose will be difficult. We recommend sleeping with your head elevated and avoid blowing your nose.

Within the first 48 hours we suggest that you rest and continue sleeping elevated. You can wash your face and shower as long as you don’t get your splint wet. The next morning you can start cleaning your nose twice a day using hydrogen peroxide followed by polysporin for moisture. Saline spray is great to use throughout the day to keep the inside moist.

After one week, you will return to your surgeon’s office to have your splint and sutures removed. You can now sleep comfortably on your side if you so choose. You can still expect to see residual bruising and swelling.

Approximately one month following your surgery, you will come into our office to be assessed. At this point, you should hopefully be looking and feeling more like your old self. Be sure to wear sunscreen and avoid tanning for at least 3 months. At 6 weeks, can resume your normal exercise routine, play sports, wear your glasses and enjoy life.

Swelling will continue for up to 3 months, and final healing will be complete after one year. For information on rhinoplasty surgery, feel free to visit our website page on Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Aug 10th 2017