Before & After Facial Feminization Transgender Surgery - Before & After Gallery

Facial Feminization Transgender Surgery - Before & After

Before and after Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) with Dr. Philip Solomon of Toronto. Our patient, a 24 year old transgender patient who underwent facial feminization surgery to refine her facial features for a softer, more feminine aesthetic. Closed rhinoplasty was carried out, in addition to hairline lowering, and laryngeal shave. We later augmented her lips with dermal filler to give her lips a little plump. The dorsal hump was removed from the nasal bridge and replaced with a gentle slope. The bridge was also narrowed and shortened for a more feminine shape. The adam’s apple is a prominent male trait, which has now been shaved, and her forehead was reduced in size for a more feminized appearance. Before and after facial feminization surgery pictures with Dr. Philip Solomon are 6 weeks apart.

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