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Male Facelift before and after images with Dr. Philip Solomon of Toronto. Dr. Philip Solomon has mastered the Deep Plane Facelift technique and is one of a handful of surgeons who offer this specialized facelift technique in Canada. Located in Toronto, Dr. Solomon is sought out for his experience as well as his natural and exquisite results. Our 62 year old male patient also underwent Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty to address upper eyelid hooding and eyebags of the lower eyelids. His eyes now look rested and refreshed; the lower face has been lifted, underlying structures have been tightened and excess skin trimmed. Facial rejuvenation isn’t exclusive to women. Men can experience a Deep Plane Facelift in Toronto without any signs of surgery. Facelift before and after pictures are 4 weeks apart with Dr. Philip Solomon. Previous PatientNext Patient

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