When making the decision about whether or not to pursue cosmetic surgery, knowledge is important. Learning about both the desired procedure itself and the potential surgeons will help a prospective patient feel secure and in control of their decision. Surgeons are doctors too, and they know that one of the best things a facial plastic surgeon in Toronto can do is to help someone make an informed decision about their care. Here are some things that Toronto’s plastic surgeons want you to know when trying to find the best match for your needs.

They Don’t Mind If You Check Their Degrees

Doctors and surgeons take pride in the training they’ve taken to be able to serve the needs of their patients. You shouldn’t be afraid of sounding elitist or overly critical if you ask about where a candidate trained or what certifications they have. In fact, you are most definitely encouraged to check with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in order to verify that they have the qualifications they say they do. Remember, you are entrusting this person with your face, so there’s no harm in being thorough.

Results Can’t Be “Guaranteed”

Trying to find out who the best facial plastic surgeon is for you in Toronto can sometimes be tricky, especially if you want to be given assurances about results in advance. Doctors and surgeons are held to higher standards than salespeople and there are rules governing how they are allowed to describe their work. Outcomes can be given “high probability” of success and have“minimal risk” but surgeons can’t make absolute statements. In fact, if a potential surgeon is telling you that they guarantee their results then you should consider it a red flag.

Every Outcome Is Different

If two people underwent the same type of cosmetic surgery, they would not share the same results. Everyone’s face is different and so is the way their appearance responds to various changes. A procedure that took ten years of one person’s face might only make another look five years younger–or possibly fifteen. Similar to the “guarantee” topic above, surgeons cannot honestly promise to take specific years off your face. What they can do is describe the typical impact certain changes will have. Fortunately, digital imaging can allow you to better visualize how you might look after a procedure.

You Might Need To Shift Your Expectations

Technology and medicine have advanced significantly and the results of cosmetic surgery can indeed seem miraculous. However, it is important to remember that even the best facial plastic surgeon in Toronto is not an actual miracle-worker. There are very real limits to what cosmetic surgery can change aesthetically and how it can change you emotionally. A person in their 60’s cannot be made to look like in their 20’s, but their 50’s is certainly possible.

It is also important to make sure that you fully understand the reasons behind why you are seeking cosmetic surgery. Make sure that you are seeking a procedure because it is something that you want and that the goal is to make yourself more satisfied with your appearance, rather than to please another person or to seek perfection.

Communication Is Key

Open communication is important in any doctor-patient relationship and the best plastic surgeons in Toronto are the ones who can foster this level of trust and understanding. Making sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding your desires and the details of how the procedure will play out is beneficial not only for peace of mind but also confidence in the outcome.

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