Patient Question:

I am a 45 year old woman who has a double chin and would like to know my treatment options?

Dr. Solomon’s Answer:

There are a number of treatment options available. If you are at your ideal body weight and still have concerns about a double chin then you can consider surgical treatment options. A double chin may be caused by a few factors including fatty tissue deposits, loose neck skin and musculature and in some cases a week chin. In younger patients sub mental liposuction is a simplest and effective method of reducing fatty tissue under the chin. This procedure can be done with local anesthesia and takes minutes to do.
In situations where there is also loose skin or musculature in the neck then neck liposuction alone will not yield an ideal result. In these situations neck tightening procedures known as neck plasty or neck lift surgery may be required. Neck Plasty or neck lift procedures lift and tighten the deeper tissues in the neck and in some instances remove excess neck skin.  In patients with a relatively small chin and a double chin then chin implantation done in conjunction with liposuction and possible neck plasty will achieve the best results. There are also a number of technologies which aim to achieve neck skin tightening without surgery. Non surgical tightening devices are still evolving and at this point in time have results that are less predictable and less dramatic than surgery.
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