Part of rhinophyma symptoms consist on a bulbous appearance of the nose with prominent pores. A trained professional can treat this condition.

However, because it is a relatively uncommon skin condition, it can be difficult to know the best treatment for your needs.

Rhinophyma can be a source of insecurity regarding physical appearance. It depends on how severe it is. For this reason, knowing how to treat it correctly ensures that you get the best results in addressing your this condition. The following are the three best treatments available:


For milder cases of rhinophyma, anti-inflammatory medications such as doxycycline may be useful. This works by reducing the inflammation of the nasal passage and stopping its spread throughout the surrounding area. Medication can be a temporary solution. As a matter of fact, we are talking about a progressive disease that can worsen quickly. Furthermore, for moderate or severe cases, medication doesn’t always work because the nasal passage may become too tight and cause difficulty breathing.

C02 Laser Surgery

If you have a moderate case of rhinophyma, then you can benefit from C02 laser surgery. Specifically, it is an invasive laser therapy that takes about 30–60 minutes to complete. However, you will need a 14–21 day recovery period. C02 laser surgery requires a local anesthetic and removes extra tissue by burning it off and, if necessary, reshaping the structure of the nose.This is an effective treatment in many cases. C02 laser surgery also has a high success rate and reduces the chance of rhinophyma recurring post-surgery. At the very least, it typically will give dramatic long term results. In certain cases, touch up treatments every few years can keep the condition under control.

Combination Surgery

For more severe cases of rhinophyma, a combination of radiofrequency surgery and laser therapy has proven to be an effective treatment. This involves an incision and theremoval of the bulky tissue. In addition, C02 lasers help to shape the nose. So, the risks are minimal while providing maximum benefits.This makes the combination of surgery and laser treatment an ideal solution to many rhinophyma cases. While all three treatments have proven to be safe and effective, it’s best not to wait until your rhinophyma becomes a severe case before treating it. Being proactive in the earlystages will increase the likelihood of a successful treatment. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Solomon and discussing these treatment options is the best way to ensure that you properly treat rhinophyma. You’ll get the best results to improve the look and function of your nose.

Jun 06th 2016