Finding the best facial plastic surgeon in Toronto is easier said than done. This is both because “best” is not always a straightforward measurement and because Toronto is home to a number of skilled plastic surgeons, many of whom are more than up to the task of giving you your desired outcome. Whether you are trying to decide between qualified candidates or are looking to figure out who you should most definitely avoid, there are several questions you can ask your potential surgeon during the consultation to help inform your final decision.

Are You An Accredited Plastic Surgeon?

The wording of this question is important. Only those who have undergone the proper training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and have been accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada are able to claim the title of “Plastic Surgeon”. Don’t be afraid to ask about your candidate’s training or education either.

How Many Of These Procedures Have You Done?

One of the reasons finding the best plastic surgeon in Toronto is tricky is because plastic surgery–even just facial cosmetic surgery–is a large category. Make sure you ask about how often your candidate actually performs the operation you are seeking. A candidate doesn’t need to have done so many they can operate like an assembly line, but it it’s perfectly fine to look for someone who does your type of procedure regularly.

What Surgical Technique Will You Use?

Asking for specifics about how your candidate intends to perform your cosmetic surgery has two main benefits. First, it prompts them to explain not only what they intend to do, but why as well. Second, if you are comparing two more candidates directly and they propose different techniques, inquiring about the reasons for these preferences can give you more insight into the pros and cons of the approaches and give you a better idea of the overall procedure.

Do You Have Admitting Privileges?

It is important to make sure that your potential surgeon has the ability to admit you to a nearby hospital if something goes wrong or if you develop complications, and you should confirm these details with the hospital in question. These sorts of inquiries might seem overly-cautious but they are important. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be sure that you will be taken care of properly if the unexpected happens.

Can I See Before/After Photos?

Unlike, say, a heart surgeon, Toronto’s best plastic surgeons are more than able to show the results of their work. You should expect a candidate to be able to provide you with photos of past patients who have undergone the same type of procedure you are interested in. Take the time to look through the photos and consider if these results are in-line with what you were expecting or hoping for. Be sure to double-check if the pictures are typical results or just one or two examples.

What Are The Risks And Complications?

This is another question with two purposes. The first is, obviously, to make sure you have a full understanding before committing to surgery. The second is so you can gauge how your candidate answers. Ideally, your potential surgeon will be direct but not alarmist about the realities of surgery. They will likely try to ease concerns by explaining the different ways your safety is cared for during the procedure and recovery period. Less-than-ideal would be if your candidate tries to minimize the risks and resists discussion about “what if” scenarios.

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