The value of a cosmetic procedure is often measured by how effective it is for obtaining results and how long those results last. The cost of a facelift in Toronto is considerably higher than the price for temporary, non-surgical injectable treatments. However, both the results and longevity are dramatically improved with the more invasive procedure. So, if you’re ready to plan for your facelift surgery, how long should you expect to enjoy the results? Maintaining a youthful appearance after your Toronto facelift procedure depends on three main factors:

1. Your surgeon’s experience and techniques used- Choosing a Royal College certified facial surgeonmeans they have the latest training and expertise in this area and that you will have high-quality work done. Tightening and carefully positioning of underlying facial tissues will prevent tension from resting on the skin alone- leading to an unnatural, ‘tight’ look and the inevitableunraveling of results.

2. Your genetic makeup affects your skin type and how you age- Unfortunately, some people have less natural skin elasticity and firmness than others. Thinner skinis more prone to sagging or wrinkles. Your facelift will help to reduce the laxity of the face and jowls,but it cannot prevent ongoing aging and sagging over time.

3. Nutrition and lifestyle- This one is all you and can make a huge difference, not only while you are healing from your facelift in Toronto, but for many years to come.


Few factors can make a person’s face look older faster than dehydration. Drink lots of water and cleanse carefully, avoiding excessively hot water or products that strip the skin of natural oils. Facial skin that holds moisture appears smoother, plumper and younger.

Avoid cigarettes

Smoking constricts circulation,so it not only impairs healing and puts you at an increased risk of complication after surgery, but in the long run, it will lead to dehydrated, grey, aged skin and work against your facelift results.

Excellent skin care

You’ve invested considerably in your facial surgery, so this is a great time to put extra thought and effort into your skincare routine too. Using high-quality products, gentle exfoliation and applying daily protection from pollutants or UV rays will help maintain your skin’s integrity and bright look.

Eat nutritious, whole foods

Bright veggies and fruits, reduced sugar and processed food intake will show in your complexion. The saying that you are what you eat really holds true when it comes to facial skin and aging. Plenty of antioxidants, vitamins,andnutrients in your diet will help keep your whole body in great shape and show each day in the healthy cells on your face.

Add non-surgical help

Ongoing use of neuromodulators and dermal fillers for the face can help smooth lines, plump lips and cheeks, or reduce dynamic frown lines. Over time, you may find that these less invasive treatments for maintenance prolong your youthful look for many years to come.