Most people have typically learned about cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, from a TV show, magazine or Hollywood reporting.

This type of casual exposure makes it easy for misinformation and myths to circulate as people try to learn about the procedures from anecdotes. Debunking inaccurate details will help ensure patients have the complete picture about cosmetic surgery in Toronto and can properly decide whether a procedure is right for them.

Myth #1: Cosmetic Surgery is the Domain of the Rich and Famous

Most media portrayals of cosmetic procedures depict them as exclusive to the upper levels of society. This is because plastic surgery tends to appear in the media or on social media to show off a celebrities’ wealth or to reveal how they stay looking great. The truth is that cosmetic surgery in Toronto is highly accessible and there are numerous ways to customize procedures to match different budgets.

Myth #2: Cosmetic Surgery is a Modern Invention

People sometimes point to cosmetic procedures as a sign of materialism or modern extravagance. This claim overlooks the fact that implants for facial reconstruction date back almost three centuries. In more “modern” times, breast implants have been recorded in the United States as early as the late 1800’s and eyelid modification dates to a similar period in Japan. The desire for beauty and comfort with one’s appearance is a very human desire and has always been part of the human experience.

Myth #3: Liposuction Sheds Pounds Without Diet or Exercise

Liposuction removes fat deposits from the body but removing fat and losing weight are not the same thing. You will weigh less after liposuction, but this is an incidental effect—like how you’re technically lighter after a haircut. Liposuction will make an area of your body appear thinner and have a better profile, but your body will just make up the difference elsewhere without the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your current appearance. This is why it is recommended that liposuction patients be within 10% of their target weight prior to the procedure.

Myth #4: All Cosmetic Surgeons are the Same

Cosmetic surgery in Toronto is performed by a wide variety of practitioners, each with their own schooling, certifications, specialties, and preferences. When looking for a surgeon, it’s important to ask about their experience and background with the specific procedure you are interested in. Learning not just about how often a surgeon performs a given procedure but also about their interests and approach to their work will be a major help in finding the surgeon that feels best for you.

Myth #5: Cosmetic Surgery is for Women Trying to Look Young

First, only about one in five patients are age 55 or over. Second, both men and women are eligible for cosmetic surgery. Although men only accounted for 10% of cosmetic surgeries in 2013, this share has continued to grow since. Cosmetic procedures are also growing more popular among the 20-30 demographic as people become more aware of the opportunities for self-improvement. Younger patients actually have more optimal outcomes since working to preserve one’s appearance is easier than working to change it.