Our noses do more than help us breathe, they also provide symmetry to our faces. When you look in the mirror and you are unhappy with your nose, you are probably a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

This surgery improves the appearance of your nose, removes blemishes and creates facial balance. If you are of Persian descent you have an incredibly unique heritage, you may want to preserve your look. However, you still can undergo rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) to correct your nose. Persian rhinoplasty is a specific category of nasal restoration that only applies for that ethnic group. Not all surgeons are adept at performing this surgery on people who aren’t caucasian. Luckily, Dr. Solomon is more than qualified to perform Persian rhinoplasty and the surgery has three important benefits.

Increase your self-esteem:

If you’re unhappy with your nose, your self-esteem will suffer. Looking in the mirror shouldn’t be a stressful experience. When you are unhappy with your looks, specifically your nose, it can decrease your self-esteem and even cause depression. A Persian Nose Job can correct bulbous nasal tips, large profiles and create perfect facial harmony. With new nasal contours you’ll restore your confidence . Finally you´ll get the nose you’ve always wanted.

Persian Rhinoplasty preserves your ethnic integrity:

Because Persian rhinoplasty is a special procedure, Dr. Solomon will not compromise your look. There are certain nasal characteristics unique to Persians, and they will not be altered. During your initial consultation with Dr. Solomon, he will show you exactly how your nose will change, without losing your unique Persian look. The only way to change your entire nasal structure is if you decide to undergo a typical Caucasian-style procedure instead.

Improve your overall health:

When you can breathe better, you’ll notice a dramatic change in your health. Rhinoplasty improves the nasal passages. Furthermore, if you have a deviated septum, this surgery will correct that. Many people with breathing problems find that their overall health improves after the procedure. Nose jobs allow for better nasal functionality, which leads to fewer respiratory problems. Rhinoplasty offers the perfect chance to improve your self-esteem and manage your overall health. Even more, Persian nose jobs maintain the ethnic coherence of your face. To see if you’re a candidate for Persian rhinoplasty surgery, contact Dr. Solomon today.

Dec 07th 2015