When it comes to Nose Jobs, women undergo Rhinoplasty surgery in greater numbers than men. However, research suggests that there is now a rising trend of men turning to rhinoplasty to enhance their physical appearance as well. Our society no longer considers cosmetic surgery enhancement being limited to women. With a rise in the number of male clients, it is becoming increasingly important for plastic surgeons to be experienced when working with the anatomy and physiology of both sexes. These differences are extremely significant in rhinoplasty due to the necessity to retain and achieve a masculine and natural result, and to avoid looking as though a patient has had “plastic surgery”.

Nose (Male vs. Female)

While on the surface it may appear that the nasal structure of men and women are quite similar, there are a significant number of differences that can be identified upon much closer inspection. For example, the bridge of the nose tends to be wider in males. Men are also more likely to have sharper edges compared to the curvier sloping edges found in female noses. Aside from these aesthetic differences, the bone and cartilage are often stronger and larger in males. The larger nasal aperture in males could be the result of higher oxygen requirements to maintain the larger muscle mass. Correction of bone deformities also requires significant work in the male nose.

Rhinoplasty in Males

In comparison to women, men are more likely to undergo rhinoplasty following an injury or an accident from competitive sports. Sometimes, they choose to undergo the surgery to correct breathing problems associated with medical conditions such as a deviated nasal septum. Though surgeries in men and women are for the most part the same, the surgical approach will vary depending on whether the client wants to keep stronger, male features, (long and straight nose) or if they want to alter their nose in some way.
A male patient can always request an aesthetic approach that will also maintain their particular ethnic look or appearance goals. For example, Asian men naturally present with a less prominent and rounder nasal bridge. At Solomon Facial Plastic, Dr. Philip Solomon will always work to ensure that you’re goals are addressed in order to achieve the best possible and most desirable outcome.

To provide an overview of what you can expect from the surgery, Dr. Solomon will conduct a thorough, surgical consultation with you prior to your procedure. During the consultation, you will be given the opportunity to talk to the surgeon about any concerns or questions related your surgery.

We will also perform a wide range of medical tests to ensure that you are physically and mentally fit for the surgery. If you would like to obtain more information about rhinoplasty, you can contact our office for assistance or book for a consultation with Dr. Solomon by calling 866-293-0616.
If you require further information about rhinoplasty for men, you may visit Dr. Solomon Facial Plastic Surgery.

Sep 20th 2017