The Surgical Facelift is making a comeback with a new approach. Often, surgeons combine three different treatments to dramatically enhance looks for up to a decade.

Soft-tissue injectable fillers and Botox treatments continue to rise in popularity. Soft-tissue injectable fillers are terrific anti-aging options for patients who want to add volume. Botox injection treatments have an excellent track record for reducing the severity of wrinkles. Both of these treatments significantly enhance facial appearance without the need for surgery. However, they have their limitations, such as the need to have multiple treatments over time to maintain a fresh appearance.

Many of my patients look amazing through their 40s and 50s with Botox treatments alone. In the other hand, they notice an aging lower face and neck in their mid-50s. However, thermal procedures such as Pelleve Facial Skin Tightening or Ultherapy can help rejuvenate this area somewhat. The issue is that they are costly procedures and the results do not compare to surgical results. Furthermore, they do not last as long. To properly address excessive wrinkling and sagging in the neck and jowl area, neck lift surgery offers a better, more permanent result.

A new concept in facial plastic surgery is to combine selected treatments.

This new combination treatment, called facelift neck lift surgery, creates a youthful look. Furthermore, it works in harmony with the patient’s overall appearance.

First, surgery eliminates excess skin sagging and wrinkling in the lower face and neck area. Then, therapy fillers restore cheek volume. Finally, wrinkles are eliminated in the brow region with Botox. As you can see, this combination therapy achieves an overall improvement in facial appearance, without the need for a full facelift procedure and without creating an overly tight look.

I work with each patient to understand their goals and design a treatment plan that takes the overall aesthetics of their facial features into account. To learn if this new treatment approach is right for you, please contact my office to schedule a personal consultation.