Cosmetic surgery has been around for decades, yet there’s still false information many people believe to be true.

Whether it be regarding healing times or implant explosions, wrong information causes many people not to get a surgery that could have changed their confidence for the better.
Therefore, to help clear the air about certain surgeries, we’re busting six common myths!

Cosmetic Surgery is New

Cosmetic surgery is one of the older branches of modern medicine. Facial implants were in use 300 years ago to treat disfigured patients, breast implants are 120 years old in the United States, and cosmetic eyelid modification was invented 115 years ago in Japan.
We can speak of even older procedures, as rhinoplasty and breast reduction. Cosmetic enhancement is a very human desire that has more to do with the age-old quest for beauty than with modern consumerism.

Liposuction Helps You Lose Weight Without Diet and Exercise

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. Weight gain and loss is much more complex than just removing fat cells from the body. The body has a set equilibrium amount of fat, based on diet, mood, hormones, and exercise. If you remove fat without changing the equilibrium, the body will just increase the size of fat cells somewhere else, sometimes in dangerous places. However, lipo can be an important step in an overall life change.

Breast Implants Make Breastfeeding Impossible

This myth comes from a misunderstanding of implants. Implants do not go over the breast, between the nipple and the tissue. They go under, plumping up the nipple as well as the natural breast tissue. This does not interfere with milk-producing cells. That said, getting any kind of surgery while pregnant or nursing is dangerous. It’s best to get the implants before you decide to have kids, or awhile after.

Botox Makes It Harder to Change Your Facial Expression

Botox prevents some muscles from fully contracting. However, each muscle is in balance with many others. As some muscles grow weaker, others have less strain. With professional injections, the whole face achieve a new balance that is just as expressive as the old one.

Cosmetic Surgery is for Middle-Aged or Older Women

This myth just keep on ticking despite all evidence to the contrary. Cosmetic procedures are common among adults of both genders and all ages. Only about 1 in 5 procedures are for people aged 55 or over. In addition, men are a growing demographic, accounting for 10% of procedures in 2013.

Cosmetic Surgery is For the Rich

According to 2012 demographic data, it’s mostly for the middle class. About 41% of patients have a personal income of 30-60 thousand a year. This puts them only slightly above the median income, in the center quintile of income. Many people with lower income also have procedures. Only 1 in 3 patients are high earners.